Massive Swarm of Bees Cause Ride Closure at Universal, Entire Area Shut Down

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swarm of bees at Universal

Have you ever heard of bees completely shutting down a theme Park ride? Well, that exact thing happened just last week at Universal Orlando Resort. A swarm of bees at Universal led to a portion of Marvel Superhero Island to shut down, along with a popular attraction.

Universal Orlando Resort
Credit: Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort Has It All – Including Bees – Lots of Bees

Last week, I visited my favorite place on Earth (besides Walt Disney World Resort). We all know Universal Orlando has so much to offer its Guests.

Amazing rides, animatronics, thrills, chills, and even some delicious treats. But I didn’t expect a swarm of bees to surround a small portion of Islands of Adventures.

The bees surrounded a little tree outside The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man in Marvel Superhero Island.

swarm of bees at Universal
Credit: Emmanuel Detres

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I noticed the swarm as I passed by, which I thought was a cloud of something else. But upon getting closer to the scene, I saw the crowd of people avoiding that area and fleeing the bees.

In the photo above, you can see a bee hive, either placed by Universal or already existing there and created by the bee colony.

Either way, something must have gone wrong as the bees swarmed around the area, likely trying their best to protect the queen from the crowds.

Bee swarm - Universal Orlando Resort - Islands of Adventure
Credit: Emmanuel Detres

The photos above don’t quite do it justice, as there must have been at least a couple hundred bees surrounding the tree just outside the attraction. The swarming was so much you couldn’t get within several feet of the tree without a bee trying to sting you.

Bees Cause Shut Down of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Ride

As mentioned at the article’s start, the bees shut down The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride inside Islands of Adventure.

swarm of bees at Universal
Credit: Emmanuel Detres
swarm of bees at Universal
Credit: Emmanuel Detres

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The barriers were set in place hours after I had first noticed the bees and took my first photos earlier in the day, around the early afternoon.

With only a few hours left until the Park closed, I walked through Marvel Superhero Island to get an update, which is when I snagged some up close and personal photos of the bee hive, which was now covered by the bees.

Credit: Emmanuel Detres

With the barriers now up, however, the Amazing Adventures of Spider-man ride was shut down indefinitely.

I got to speak to a Team Member, who told me the bees would be collected by a professional Bee Keeper and moved off the property to a different and more safe location once the Park closed.

Credit: Emmanuel Detres

The ride was shut down for the rest of the day, only a few hours since the Park that day did close around 8 p.m.

It’s nice to know that the bees were taken to a safer and more friendly environment rather than the hostile atmosphere of theme Park tourists.

The attraction is now up and running without an extended closure since the swarm of bees at Universal was successfully taken out of the Park and into their new home.

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