Writers for ‘Star Wars: Skeleton Crew’ Confirmed as Fans Await Official Release Date

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Ahead of its expected December 2023 release date, writers have officially been revealed for the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series—and one of them might surprise you.

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2023 is shaping up to be a good year for Star Wars fans. Even though Season 3 of The Mandalorian wasn’t exactly the smash hit Disney expected it to be, it still garnered massive viewership from fans before wrapping up its eight-episode run in April.

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The latter episodes of The Mandalorian Season 3 also aired concurrently with the sophomore season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, one of the top-rated projects to come out of Star Wars animation in recent years. In May, fans were also treated to Volume 2 of Star Wars: Visions and Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures.

This summer, the galaxy far, far away will continue to expand with a new live-action Disney+ show: Ahsoka. Created by Dave Filoni, the series is easily one of the franchise’s most highly-anticipated projects to date. Starring Rosario Dawson as the titular ex-Jedi, the story acts as a spiritual successor to Star Wars Rebels and will finally bring Lars Mikkelsen’s Grand Admiral Thrawn to live-action.

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Rounding out 2023 (or early 2024) will be one of the more mysterious projects in the franchise’s slate of upcoming releases: Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

Starring Jude Law, the series will reportedly see Law’s character helping four kids to find their way home after getting lost in the galaxy in a story reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s The Goonies (1985). Skeleton Crew will take place in the New Republic era, around the same time as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka.

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Created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford, who helmed Marvel’s wildly-popular Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy, Skeleton Crew will also see support from Filoni and The Mandalorian‘s Jon Favreau.

The upcoming series will crossover into Filoni’s extended “Mando-Verse,” which includes The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, and the Book of Boba Fett. At this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe, it was revealed that each of these stories will culminate in an epic “Mando-Verse” movie, which is currently projected to arrive in theaters in 2025 or 2026.

'Skeleton Crew' announced

So far, the only confirmed cast for Skeleton Crew is Law, who’s presumably the adult who helps the kids find their way home, in addition to Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Kyriana Kratter, Robert Timothy Smith, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Tunde Adebimpe, and Kerry Condon.

Star Wars Celebration Europe attendees were given a first look at the show in early footage that has yet to be made public. But now, according to a new report, we might’ve finally gotten a better sense of what to expect from the series after its list of writers was revealed on Monday.

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The writers of the Skeleton Crew series were recently shared via the Writers Guild of America West’s official website, confirming Watts and Ford as creators of the upcoming series. It also revealed that the filmmaking duo wrote six episodes of the eight-episode season.

Watts and Ford penned the first four episodes of the series, as well as the the final two episodes–episodes seven and eight. However, oddly enough, for episodes five and six, Myung Joh Wesner is credited as the sole writer.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man (left) and Jon Watts (right)Credit: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios 

A relatively unknown name in Hollywood, Wesner’s past credits includes a Hulu series titled Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem, where she wrote the seventh episode of the ten-episode series.

While Wesner’s slim number of film and TV credits might be a red flag to some fans, it’s important to remember that even franchise newcomers can create excellent additions to the Star Wars universe, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 2016’s Rogue One, and The Bad Batch. Plus, Wesner will have Watts and Ford’s scripts to work off of, meaning continuity and flow shouldn’t be an issue.

Jon Watts with 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' cast
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As for Skeleton Crew‘s directors, it looks like the show will be following a similar formula as The Mandalorian, with different creators taking the reins for different episodes. While Watts himself will be taking up directorial duties for most of the show, David Lowery, who recently helmed Disney’s Peter Pan and Wendy (2023), and Jake Schreier, coming off the success of his Netflix series Beef, will also get a turn the director’s chair.

In March, it was also confirmed that the Oscar-winning creators of Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (2022), Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, would direct at least one episode of Skeleton Crew.

Everything Everywhere Directors the daniels
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With an impressive roster of directors and writers working behind the scenes, Skeleton Crew is shaping up to be one of Star Wars’ most intriguing projects yet. Only time will tell if Lucasfilm’s faith in a Hollywood unknown like Wesner is, perhaps, misguided or if her episodes will end up being a highlight of the series.

We’ve still got a ways to go before the series lands on Disney+, but hopefully, a teaser trailer will make its way to social media soon.

Are you excited for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew? How do you feel about a relatively unknown writer penning some of the episodes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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