Secret Disney Advertising Is Hiding in Plain Sight

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A group of adults visit Walt Disney World

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Influencers have rapidly risen to fame, especially in recent years. Disney influencers are no exception.

With platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more, Disney influencers spend a lot of time, money, and effort to curate content for Disney fans and Guests. While each platform provides similar information, the way it’s presented is very different. However, it all comes down to the same thing: promoting the Disney Parks and The Walt Disney Company.

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One group of influencers that have started to carry a lot of weight in the community recently are nicknamed the “Disney girlies.” In a recent video posted to TikTok, creator @haileykathrynn writes a caption that states

“okay yes i get making fun of disney adults. but no one can deny being jealous of the disney YOUNG adults/college age disney girlies. they have the cutest outfits, they are at disney every other week somehow while living states away, they always have the cutest merch and just look so happy and pure. They may or may not be in DCP but no matter what they are gonna be at disney! the videos are so cute and well edited and i admire them. i want to be them so bad but i have no money for that life style so i fill my fyp with them. i’m jealous.”


they are living the life I DESERVE #disney #dcp #fyp #disneyworld #disneytiktok

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She indirectly confirms that Disney influencers are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do: influence people. She mentions the cute outfits and merch and how jealous she is of this group of people. Through their perfectly filtered and curated social media feeds, these influencers push Disney merchandise, clothing, events, and media. They’re working as natural Disney marketing without working for Disney.

Three adult women in front of Epcot.
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They also provide hacks, tips, and tricks for Disney trips, often promoting certain attractions, food items, or additional offerings at Disney. While their photos and social media is really cute, it’s really just marketing that Disney doesn’t have to do themselves.

Child wearing Mickey Mouse hat with parents in front of Cinderella Castle
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In a way, it’s part of what’s changing Disney from a place where everyone can go and experience magic to a place where influencers may feel they have priority or superiority. Inside the Magic has covered several instances of unfortunate or rude interactions with influencers, but they help promote Disney so much that the company most likely will never officially do anything about it.

What do you think about the Disney girlies? Harmless Disney lovers or the new face of Disney marketing? Share your opinion with Inside the Magic in the comments below.

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