Potential Hurricane Developing in the Gulf – Could Impact Walt Disney World, Universal Parks

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Potential Hurricane Developing in the Gulf - Could Impact Walt Disney World, Universal Parks

The Atlantic hurricane season is off to a busy start as a potential development is being tracked that could impact portions of Central Florida, impacting your upcoming Disney or Universal trip this week or weekend.

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High Development, Low Risk?

A system is developing in the Gulf that will impact Central Florida this coming weekend.

It is described as “an area of disorganized showers and storms,” it moves fast toward the East across the central Gulf of Mexico.

Although the conditions are not yet labeled “favorable,” there is still potential for development to occur later this week.

Spectrum News 13 reported on this development earlier today, leading to the speculation of something, like a hurricane, possibly coming out of this by the end of the week. But the chances of that are low to none.

But it would be best if you still used caution for those traveling to Central Florida in the coming week, as you will get some intense storms and heavy rain that could disrupt your vacation plans while visiting the Parks.

hurricane central Florida
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Hurricane Ian Devastates Central Florida, Destroys Portions of Universal Orlando Resort

Not too long ago, Hurricane Ian swept through Central Florida in late September of 2022, leading to destructive winds and heavy rainfall that led to Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort shutting down for at least a day and a half.

Parts of Universal were submerged underwater, along with rides like The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Jurassic Park River Adventure shutting down due to damage from the storm.

Jurassic Park River Adventure finally got back on its feet a few months after being damaged by the hurricane, leading to the Parks reassessing their Hurricane plans, ensuring that Guests are first and foremost safe and that their Parks can reopen without putting their employees at risk.

The moral of the story here is always to be prepared by bringing the right things with you on vacation during hurricane season. These include umbrellas, rain ponchos, medicine, good waterproof shoes, extra money, credit cards, and anything else that might help you during a storm.

As the storm continues to push through toward the East, Inside The Magic will ensure we cover things accurately so that you can keep having a safe and wonderful time on vacation.

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