Nicolas Cage’s Next Collaboration Is His Most Bizarre

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nicolas cage in dead by daylight

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Nicolas Cage has referred to himself as a “thespian,” meaning that he has taken on roles because he loves acting. This could explain why the man took the multitude of roles that he has in the last five years or so. He has explained why he did that, confirming his biggest controversy. Now, it appears the actor is taking his acting talents to a realm many would have never guessed.

nicolas cage as dracula in renfield
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It could be because Nicolas Cage is starring as Dracula in Renfield or because he was a weapon-wielding maniac in Mandy and a dialogue-less hero in Willy’s Wonderland. Still, Cage has become a horror icon of sorts in recent years. That fascination with horror elements and his ability to take on whatever role is in front of him could be why he has now been tasked with jumping into video games.

Yes, that’s right. Cage will now be the face of a new collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, the developers of the hit video game series: Dead by Daylight.

The Dead by Daylight video game showcases gameplay where four players attempt to evade a killer by building structures and running every chance they get. The video game series has collaborated with big-name horror properties like Stranger Things, Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, and more. Some of the killers in the video game have been the Demogorgon, Michael Myers, Ghostface, Freddy Kreuger, and Pinhead. One player is selected as the killer who must stop the four survivors, and four players inhabit the role of the survivors. The killer is usually imbued with powers to help them track down their prey faster.

Now, the game will bring in Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage Heads to ‘Dead by Daylight’

In typical fashion, Dead by Daylight has leaned into this announcement with a tagline that says “the performance of a lifetime.” Even Nicolas Cage begins this trailer with some dialogue that states, “There’s nothing more powerful than imagination. We can shake the fabric of reality, transforming everything you think you know.”

Several shots of what appears to be a movie set are shown in the trailer. A down director’s chair, snacks one might find in a movie theater, and a green screen in the background.

What might pique the interest of many Nicolas Cage fans is if the actor will be the killer in this new collaboration or if he will be a playable survivor. We imagine that almost everyone hopes for both instances to be true. Fans have also begun asking questions and praising Behaviour Interactive for this choice.

We do too. How does Nicolas Cage fit into this announcement? We hope he is the killer and dazzles players with his many roles. Imagine getting stabbed by Poe from Con Air.

They got The Cage.

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Dead by Daylight will announce more about this new Nicolas Cage collaboration on July 5, but everyone can watch the teaser trailer and produce any wild theories they might think will involve Cage in this game. We can’t wait to discover how he fits into this horror survival game.

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