Mark Hamill Is Using ‘The Little Mermaid’ to Promote His New Film

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Mark Hamill might no longer be starring in films in the Star Wars universe, though rumors suggest otherwise; he is certainly branching out with his new film. Not only is his new film something wild and not family-friendly, but the legendary actor also uses a family-friendly film to promote his debauchery-filled feature. Hamill took to Twitter to use the popularity of Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid to promote his newest role.

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The Little Mermaid has seen plenty of controversies, as people initially chastised the film for Halle Bailey being cast as Ariel, among the myriad of reasons they randomly threw hate towards the live-action remake. Despite that hatred, the Disney film is set to make around $100 million for this Memorial Day weekend opening, which is nothing to scoff at.

Many people are talking about the movie, which is not lost on Mark Hamill. The actor used the Disney remake’s popularity and some of the lyrics from one of its most iconic songs to discuss The Machine.

Hamill stars next to comedian Bert Kreischer in a story detailing how Kreischer was involved with the Russian mafia while abroad in college. Hamill portrays Kreischer’s father in the film, and he has now used “Part of this World” to promote this new film.

Mark Hamill Welcomes Fans to Be Part of His World

mark hamill tweet
Credit: Mark Hamill tweet

Mark Hamil posted a trailer of The Machine along with the caption, “TODAY: Do you have the guts to be part of OUR world.” We are unsure if the people going to see The Little Mermaid would also be seeing The Machine, as they are both vastly different films, especially because The Machine is Rated-R.

The film recounts Kreischer’s run-in with the Russian mafia and how that run-in has returned 20 years later. Kreischer portrays a fictionalized version of himself, with Hamill taking on the role of his father. The pair are kidnapped by the mafia and are whisked away to Russia, where Bert must find a way to get them out of whatever trouble he caused 20 years ago.

We have to hand it to him for wanting to use the popularity of The Little Mermaid to promote his own film, though it might make some Disney feature fans a bit angry. Still, Hamil is a Disney legend, considering he has been the face of Star Wars for 40 years. So, he might get away with using the mermaids to promote his own film.

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Both The Little Mermaid and The Machine are out in theaters right now. You can choose to see either or go take in both. We would advise not taking small children to see The Machine, though, as the film involves drinking, drug use, and other highly adult subjects.

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