John Stamos’ Disney Loyalty Credited to Ryan Gosling

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John Stamos Heidi Gutman on the left (Credit: Flickr) and Disney Brand Image with Logo on the right

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Actor John Stamos’ Disney loyalty is a sure thing. He even owns one of the original elements from the famous ride and even purchased the original ‘Welcome to Disneyland’ sign. So, fans are pretty certain of Stamos’ lifelong Disney dedication. But it always helps to get a reminder, and Stamos’ recent conversation with Ryan Gosling did exactly that.

Both actors are well-known in the Disney sphere, both participating in the iconic Mickey Mouse Club. Stamos’s recent role as Marvin Korn on Big Shot, a Disney+ original, and Gosling’s roots in Flash Forward and Remember the Titans, both show a bond with Disney that’s ingrained into their celebrity. So what could change when it comes to John Stamos’ Disney loyalty?

The answer lies in a dinner meeting with fellow actor, Ryan Gosling. It calls back to the generational distance that comes with the phrase ‘Disney Adult.’ And Gosling was more than happy to bash that myth. Because while Stamos might have proposed at Disneyland back in 2017, it doesn’t mean the adulting at Disney stigma was gone.

Actor John Stamos and Wife Caitlin Celebrate First Anniversary at Disneyland Park
Actor John Stamos and Wife Caitlin Celebrate First Anniversary at Disneyland Park | Credit: Disney Parks

During that fateful meeting, Stamos crossed paths with Gosling, stopping to ask whether he was a Disney fan. The answer changed Stamos’ Disney loyalty by cementing it even deeper. Gosling said, “I’m obsessed. I’m a Disney adult. I go there by myself. I wear headphones. I go on rides, I have a mixtape.”

John Stamos, Ryan Gosling
John Stamos, Ryan Gosling | Credit ABC News

Before hearing that, Stamos wondered if associating with Mickey Mouse swag and celebration might cause fans to dismiss him as a serious actor. Thankfully, as it turns out, it’s quite the opposite. Just imagine the conflict between lifelong loyalty and the drive to build a career. Hearing Ryan Gosling speak about it only reinforced Stamos’ Disney dedication and defense of so-called ‘Disney Adults’.

Disney fan Priya Chadha poses at Disneyland.
Disney fan Priya Chadha poses at Disneyland. | Credit: Priya Chadha

The idea of Disney transcends age, and so do its theme parks and television series. Full House became Fuller House. And adulting at Disney is all the rage because the spirit of Disney is bigger than an individual experience. It’s a way to connect to something great and participate in a collective that celebrates love and magic. Regardless of age, what could be better than that?

What are your thoughts on the Disney adulting paradigm? Let Inside the Magic hear your take in the comments below!

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