John Stamos Defends Disney Adults with Keke Palmer

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It’s no surprise that many celebrities are Disney Adults. With their high-income paying jobs, they have the luxury of splurging on a Disney vacation like no other Guests can. One of the most notable Disney fanatics is Full House star John Stamos. The actor recently defended his love for Disney on Keke Palmer’s Podcast, where the two agreed that there’s nothing wrong with being a Disney Adult.

John Stamos at Disney
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On this week’s episode of Baby, This is Keke Palmer, actress Keke Palmer had a deep dive into why Disney means so much to adults. Palmer proclaims to be a huge Disney fan herself and mentions that some of her friends don’t understand why. To help defend her love for the Parks, she invited the one and only John Stamos to back her up. For those who don’t know, Stamos is one of the most openly known Disney Super fans out there. The man even has a vintage Disneyland sign displayed in his backyard next to an authentic ride car from Snow White’s Scary Adventures that was sold at auction.

John Stamos Backyard
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Stamos has always loved the Parks since he was a kid. He grew up in Orange County, California, so Disneyland was always just a short drive away. You could imagine his joy when the actor got to perform at Disney World as Jessie and The Rippers in a special episode of Full House when the family travels to the Happiest Place on Earth. His real-life fairytale came true when he married actress Caitlin McHugh, who he says is an even bigger Disney fan than he is. The two of them go to Disneyland quite often.

On the podcast, Stamos shared that he feared his love for Disney was affecting his image and almost considered putting it behind him. However, when famous actor Ryan Gosling admitted to him that he, too, is obsessed with Disney, Stamos realized that it wasn’t as weird as he thought. Now he thinks people who don’t love Disney are the weird ones.

Keke Palmer
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Palmer said her love for Disney takes her back to a more wholesome time in her life. Stamos agreed, adding, “I think that’s right what you said. When you go through those gates, the rest of the world goes away.” The actor clarifies that he had a happy childhood and was never running away from anything, but that the Parks helped define who he is as an artist and a human being. “It’s just so full of love and optimism and happiness. When you go through those turnstiles, everything else just goes away.”

Many Disney Adults probably share that sentiment, as Disney Parks have become a place where you’re never too old to be a kid again. It’s an escape, just like music festivals and sporting events. Palmer also compared  Taylor Swift fans to Disney Adults, stating that both fan bases are obsessed with the thing they love.

Are Swifties just as weird as Disney Adults? Let Inside The Magic know in the comments. 

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