Everything You Need to Know About Getting Groceries at Disney World

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While most vacationers to Disney World look forward to all the great options for eating out, others are of a mind to do their own cooking onsite and even keep a stash of groceries on hand.

But can you bring food into Disney World that you purchased elsewhere? Perhaps you’re asking, “What can I bring to Disney World?” You may even wonder whether or not there are any grocery stores near Disney World that deliver.

The good news is that you may bring all your own food onto Disney Property and even utilize a grocery delivery service during your Resort stay. Here at Inside the Magic, we’re sharing everything you need to know about getting groceries while vacationing at Disney World.

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Reasons to Get Groceries

Reasons vary for why folks opt to have their own groceries while staying at a Disney Resort. Perhaps someone in your group has special dietary needs or is a picky eater. Sure, Disney World is renowned for boasting an impeccable culinary scene with a dedicated staff, but some feel better manning their own food prep.

Also, constantly eating out at Disney World can prove pricey, especially for those on an extended stay. And if you are staying longer, you may have already splurged a bit on a more homelike accommodation with a full kitchen or kitchenette.

You can compensate for the extra costs and save money by utilizing the included extras in the way of preparing your own food. Furthermore, you can make more of what you like via your own unique preparation methods.

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Resort Considerations and Limitations

Disney Resort accommodations include several designations, ranging from Standard Rooms to Deluxe Villas. Therefore, your specific room type may indicate whether you choose to keep groceries and even which items you choose to store.

As mentioned previously, some accommodations, like Suites and Villas, house full kitchens/kitchenettes. By contrast, Standard Rooms generally have limited food prep areas, contain smaller storage space, and include a mini-fridge/glass-front cooler for cold-food storage. Many Resorts also allow you to request a microwave if your room does not contain one.

We will get into grocery delivery services a bit later, but for now, it’s also worth mentioning that there are some restrictions for specific accommodations within the Disney Resorts Collection regarding deliveries. For instance, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels do not allow grocery deliveries.

Other non-Disney Resorts in the Collection, including Wyndham and the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World, do. And then, of course, all official Disney Resorts allow these services, although some have specific delivery times in place. It’s just something to keep in mind when booking your accommodations.

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Packing and Shipping Groceries

If you are flying and you want to bring only a few nonperishable food items from home, you may pack them in your checked luggage as long as they adhere to your airline’s allowances. However, if you drive to Disney World, you can load your vehicle accordingly.

Another method for those traveling far from home is shipping said groceries directly to your Disney Resort. A $6 delivery fee will be charged, though.

Resort Shopping

Every Disney World Resort features an onsite gift shop equipped with all the essentials a Guest may need. You’ll even find a select supply of grocery staples in-house. But note that the items tend to be marked higher and come in smaller quantities than you’d find in a supermarket.

An alternative suggestion, depending on the location of your Resort, is to visit one of two Speedway Gas Stations on Disney property. One is across from Disney Springs, while the more convenient option is close to Disney’s BoardWalk scene. While you can get a better deal here than at your Resort store, items in stock are still somewhat limited.

Resort Store and Speedway Signage


If you brought your own vehicle or have a rental, you may decide to retrieve your groceries directly from surrounding area markets. Even if you don’t have a vehicle, you can always call a cab or utilize a rideshare, like Uber or Lyft, to get you where you need to go. In most instances, drivers will gladly comply with your need for a grocery run. However, we suggest informing them about your intentions upfront while arranging for transportation.

Are the Grocery Stores Near Me Also at Disney World?

One of the most common questions a grocery-seeking Guest may ask is whether or not their favorite stores at home can also be found close to Disney World. While we cannot verify the universality of small-town regional markets, you’ll be pleased to know that Orlando, Florida has all your favorite name-brand chains and then some.

You’ll also find the Southeast regional favorite Publix, with the closest location to Disney World in the Regency Village Shopping Center. Other favored stores in driving range include Whole Foods (Orlando), Target at Flamingo Crossings (Winter Garden), SuperTarget (Kissimmee), Trader Joe’s (Orlando), Goodies Supermarket (Kissimmee), Winn-Dixie (Orlando), ALDI (Kissimmee), Walmart (Kissimmee), and several others.

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Delivery Services

It’s not so much a matter of what grocery stores deliver to Disney World Resorts but which online grocery service provides grocery delivery for Disney World Guests. Once upon a time, Garden Grocer was the primary option available. Today there are many additional ones, including but not limited to: We Go Shop, Dizzy Dolphin Delivery, Kroger, Instacart, Shipt, Uber Eats, Amazon Prime, Walmart Delivery, and Orlando Grocery Express.

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How Delivery Services Work

If you’re unfamiliar with online grocery delivery services, you may be a little unsure how to order groceries at Disney World. Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward. First, you visit the website of the grocer/service you are opting for. Next, make your selections via an online order form. A personal shopper then does all the shopping for you.

Upon completing your order, the shopper will travel to your Disney Resort and place your items with Bell Service Cast Members, who will provide refrigeration if it is required. Then, you will be notified about your order and may go and retrieve the goods.

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Fees, Pricing, and Timeline

Now you know how to get groceries delivered to Disney World, but there’s still more to learn about fees, costs, and the timeline in which you place your orders. Each delivery service has its own rules and requirements. For example, some services require you to create a membership before ordering.

These memberships may include an annual or monthly fee or even a free trial for a specific block of time. You may choose to start your trial for your duration at Disney World or stick with your membership if you plan on utilizing such services in the future.

Some services may require a minimum order of selected items or incur a delivery fee contingent on the number of items you purchase. Some offer free delivery if you exceed a minimum.

Another factor you need to know about is the timeline requirement for placing orders. Some services are quicker and ready to respond to your request in hours. Others require you to place an order many days in advance. In our experience, the sooner, the better when placing orders. You may even want to place the order before you arrive onsite for your vacation to ensure you get your goods promptly.

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Initially, every Guest must decide what works best for them when considering whether or not to have groceries while vacationing at Disney World. Do you have any experience with getting groceries at Disney World? Do you have any tips or advice you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments.

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