Conan O’Brien Will Finally Return to TV in New Travelogue Series

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Conan O’Brien left behind the late-night talk show circuit back in 2021 when his long-time series on TBS came to a close. O’Brien’s run on the network lasted from 2010 to 2021, though he moved on to produce a podcast called Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. This podcast has become the catalyst for his new travelogue series, which will air on the newly minted Max (formerly HBO Max).

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During Conan O’Brien hosting his show on TBS, a segment was born that showcased the late-night host traveling to some 13 different countries. The hilarious nature of his jokes and his embracing of new cultures was a hit, as Conan Without Borders was created as a standalone set of episodes that were showcased on Netflix before moving to HBO Max.

During the course of Conan’s travels, he would interview people from said countries, along with experiencing what those cultures had to offer. The spinoff series landed itself an Emmy win in 2018 for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within An Unscripted Program.

Honestly, those episodes are some of the best work that Conan O’Brien has ever produced, and now it appears that he is set to give us more of that same style in his new travelogue series for Max.

Conan O’Brien Needs to Go

During his exit from the late-night circuit, Conan O’Brien switched to being a podcast host, which has gone over well. He has brought on many Guests, including celebrities and fans from countries all over the world. Through the initial podcast came Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan, which involves the comedian speaking with fans from many different countries. It is through those fan interactions that O’Brien’s new series was born.

Conan O’Brien Must Go follows the same format as Conan Without Borders, which will see the former late-night host travel to new countries and take in cultural practices and food. However, this time around he is set on visiting fans from his podcast as he embraces the cultures in which they live. The opening of the video showcases Conan in Norway as he flaunts a hilarious Viking outfit before stating he is not “feeling it.”

The four-part travelogue series will be airing on Max, which is the new combination streaming app from Warner Bros. Discovery. Though it was initially known as HBO Max, it is dropping the HBO moniker to become the home of Warner Bros. and Discovery content. Max is set to debut on May 23.

Conan O'Brien in Ghana
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The above travelogue series is stated to be currently in production, so we imagine that it could be released sometime later this year. Conan O’Brien will visit Norway, Thailand, and two other undisclosed countries. The series looks to be as much fun as Conan Without Borders and contain some of the same on-par humor that Conan has been producing for over 30 years.

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