Main Cast Confirmed for Live-Action ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Remake

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How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup Astrid

Credit: Dreamworks

Universal Studios’ distribution of the upcoming live-action remake of Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon has officially found its Hiccup and Astrid—and so far, it seems like the movie has perfect casting.

How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless (left) and Hiccup (right) sharing meaningful moment
Credit: DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures

When How to Train Your Dragon first soared into theaters in 2010, it became an instant smash hit phenomenon, prompting two sequel movies and a handful of TV spinoffs in the following years.

Following the story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock (Jay Baruchel), a young boy with dreams of becoming a great Viking, the movie finds him navigating familial pressures and new friendships. However, things get more complicated after Hiccup discovers and forms a bond with the powerful dragon named Toothless, giving him the chance to plot a new course for his people’s future.

How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless (right) flying and Hiccup (left) in glider suit
Credit: DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures

One of the key plot points of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is Hiccup’s relationship with the cunning warrior and dragon-slayer-in-training, Astrid Hofferson (America Ferrera). Her wit and strong personality mak her hard to impress, but Hiccup eventually sweeps her off her feet, and the two marry in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019).

Earlier this year, it was announced that How to Train Your Dragon would get the live-action treatment, with Dean DeBlois, who was both writer and director of the original animated trilogy, set to helm the new movie. Initially, this new reimagining of How to Train Your Dragon was given a release date of March 14, 2025, and filming is set to begin this summer in Los Angeles.

How to Train Your Dragon promotional image, all characters posing
Credit: DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures

Fans have been patiently waiting for any updates regarding its cast, and now, it seems like we finally have an update—and a big one, at that. According to The Hollywood Reporterthe live-action How to Train Your Dragon has found its Hiccup and Astrid in Mason Thames and Nico Parker, respectively.

Best know for her breakout role as Sarah Miller in HBO’s apocalypse thriller The Last Of Us, Parker gained widespread critical acclaim for her performance opposite Pedro Pascal in Episode 6, titled “Kin,” which is considered to be one of the best episodes of the season.

Nico Parker in HBO's The Last Of Us
Credit: HBO

Meanwhile, Thames recently starred alongside Ethan Hawke in The Black Phone (2021), a dark thriller that was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and horror junkies alike.

Mason Thames in 'The Black Phone'
Credit: Blumhouse Productions

These two talented young actors will get their chance to shine in How to Train Your Dragon, which is surely a welcome departure from the much darker roles they’ve played as of late. The chemistry and nonstop banter between Hiccup and Astrid will be a fun exercise in both performers’ acting ranges, and hopefully, Thames and Parker will be able to nail the duo’s playful dynamic in live-action.

This news is only making fans more excited for How to Train Your Dragon, which we can hopefully expect to see arrive in theaters on March 14, 2025. Until then, be sure to check back for future casting updates.

Do you think Mason Thames and Nico Parker are good picks to play live-action Astrid and Hiccup? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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