Barbie Enters the Real World in Latest Trailer

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Barbie cries in latest trailer

Credit: Warner Bros.

The latest trailer for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie was just released, giving fans a better idea of what to expect from the anticipated film.

all of the barbies from the barbie movie dance together margot robbie in front
Credit: Warner Bros.

The first trailer revealed that Barbie would be leaving Barbie Land and entering the real world, but the most recent trailer reveals there’s a little more to the story. It’s revealed that Margot Robbie’s Barbie has been having issues of self-awareness. She falls off her roof instead of floating down, her feet are flat, and she asks the other Barbies if they’ve ever thought about dying.

all of the barbies from the barbie movie cheer at sleepover slumber party in pink matching pajamas issa rae and ryan gosling in front
Related: Warner Bros.

As Barbie and Ken interact with the real world, they deal with people staring and laughing at them, trying to force them back into Barbie Land, America Ferrera’s character in disbelief that Barbie is in the real world, and a group of school students saying they “haven’t played with a Barbie since they were five.”

Margot Robbie as Barbie
Credit: Mattel

One clip of the trailer also shows Barbie and Ken being stared at before someone touches Barbie inappropriately. In response, she punches him, landing her and Ken in jail. It just shows how different her experiences in the real world will be compared to what she’s familiar with in Barbie Land.

Barbie mug shot from latest Barbie trailer
Credit: Warner Bros.

Robbie and Gerwig have already discussed how the film will address themes like girlhood, growing into womanhood, and the standards that are set upon women. But in an era when the internet and online media are more and more becoming the toys of childhood, it’s also addressing the question: is Barbie still relevant for children?

Barbie and Ken from the latest Barbie trailer
Credit: Warner Bros.

While everyone from young girls to adults are expressing their excitment and anticipation for the colorful movie, it’s interesting to note just how wide of an audience the movie will reach. As Barbie struggles with her relevance and existence within the context of the real world, it reflects the struggles of women today. Fans can expect a fun, colorful movie that also subtly but clearly addresses issues that girls and women deal with on a constant basis.

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