Toontown Designer Deserves to Be Fired for Mistake, Says Fan

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Disneyland’s Toontown area, just re-opened earlier this month, featuring a reimagined area and officially debuting their version of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Both the attraction and the area have already been met with some complaints online, due to a variety of issues that have come up.

It’s been pointed out that the area seems to have become a little more than a holding area for strollers, as images posted online seem to show very few seating areas and a bland picnic area. The attraction has also come under fire for constant errors due to the projection-mapped digital screens that the ride uses. Videos showing animatronics frozen in place as well as blue or even blank ride screens have had many Guests asking what’s gone wrong.

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Now a Reddit thread is calling attention to another flaw that Mickey and Minnie’s has, which has allowed Guests to destroy it. The queue allows Guests to get close enough to the props to touch. Unfortunately, this has also allowed Guests to destroy the props, with some ruined or missing entirely. The original post calls for whoever designed the queue to be fired, but most of the comments actually blast the guests, saying that they’re the reason why the Parks can’t have nice things.

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Some of the comments pointed to the fact that it’s a ride within Toontowm, a place where children are often allowed “off leash,” to run around and are encouraged to interact with the environment. As one comment said, the Park seems to have “had absolutely no foresight into how people actually inhabit the public space.”

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It’s unfortunate that the queue’s proximity is seen as an “oversight” due to children or unruly Guests, and has now led to vandalism, just months after the ride’s opening and a handful of weeks after the area reopened. The comments stated that Disney needs to consider its demographic and previous experiences when building in the future in an effort to prevent things like this from happening again.

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