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Ron DeSantis outside of jail bars in front of Cinderella Castle

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You usually have to do something pretty bad to get banned from Walt Disney World. What about getting sued by them?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

There are actually more things than you probably think that can get you banned from Walt Disney World. Breaking any of the major Park Rules or putting yourself or others in danger is a surefire way to make sure you never visit the Most Magical Place on Earth again.

In fact, many prominent figures, celebrities, and influencers have faced temporary or permanent bans from one or more of the Disney Parks for breaking the rules. For example, actress Rebel Wilson was temporarily banned from Disneyland for taking pictures inside a backstage bathroom. A viral TikToker and former Cast Member was banned for filming himself drinking out of water fountains… and no, not drinking fountains, decorative water fountains.

Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Resort
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More recently, the owner of the Disney small shop Sparkling Dreamers was served a ban for selling copyrighted merchandise and soliciting his products on Main Street, U.S.A. The business owner and his wife are now being sued by the Walt Disney Company for copyright infringement.

Speaking of getting sued by Disney, let’s talk about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is having a pretty rough month. After locking himself in a losing political and legal battle with the Most Magical Place on Earth, Disney filed a 77-page lawsuit against him for infringing on their First Amendment rights in response to speaking out against his Parental Rights in Education Act, or “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Public opinion is largely in Disney’s favor, and now, several fans are campaigning to take things a step further.

A screenshot of the petition to ban Ron DeSantis from Disney World

A petition was posted this week by user Happy Mouse entitled “Permanently Ban Ron DeSantis from the Happiest Place on Earth!” (note: “The Happiest Place on Earth” technically refers to Disneyland, but the petition seems to be aimed at Walt Disney World). The post is petitioned to Disney CEO Bob Iger. The description for the petition reads, in part, as follows:

Ron DeSantis hates the Happiest Place on Earth.  Ron DeSantis is a hater.  #hater #sad

Why? Ron has been seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.

Ron wants to put a prison next to Disney World.

Why would a governor work so viciously to destroy one of the biggest, most beloved companies in the world? Destroy Mickey Mouse. Destroy the MCU. Destroy Star Wars. Destroy Pixar. Destroy tourism. That’s crazy!

Ron can’t play well with others. Dude cannot get along with anyone unless they agree with him all of the time, gets violent and destructive when that doesn’t happen…  #crazy

Disney welcomes millions of Guests every year to Walt Disney World. However, when Guests exhibit less than Disney-friendly behavior, that can result in a hefty price, like a lifetime ban.

There are definitely Disney Guests who have been banned for less, and DeSantis has certainly visited the Parks before, especially considering he had his wedding at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in 2009. As of April 28, the petition has 81 signatures.

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