EPCOT in Desperate Need of Transportation

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Disney World monorail at EPCOT during the International Flower and Garden Festival

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EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, but for many Guests a better fit is Every Person Comes Out Tired. EPCOT is a massive Park, spanning two nearly-separate lands and the second-largest parking lot on property.

Performers in front of Spaceship Earth
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The back half of the Park includes the World Showcase, 11 pavilions themed after various countries around the world. While Guests can enter the World Showcase in either direction, they’re pretty much forced to walk around the Showcase in order to get anywhere. For Guests with dining reservations in Italy or Germany, you have to walk the entire way to get to the back of the Showcase. Add in the extra distance from the parking lot (especially with the trams currently not operating) or front of the Park, and it’s a long way to go.

Walt Disney World EPCOT's World Celebration Concept Art
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A recent Reddit post is calling attention to the issue, demanding the EPCOT install a PeopleMover or Monorail-style attraction in the Park already. Several of the comments pointed out that the original concept for EPCOT included several PeopleMovers around the Park due to the planned layout, but they never came to fruition.

world showcase
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Several users offered up different ideas for how they could be included throughout the Park. u/jadennew suggests two different PeopleMovers, one for the front half of the Park and one for the back, with stops at each land and country in order to allow ease of access. u/Johnykbr suggests installing screens instead of windows and using the attraction as a “tour guide” to describe each pavilion. Unfortunately, as u/echomanagement claims, it will most likely never happen due to the amount of time and construction a system like that would now require, especially being built around already-existing attractions.

aerial view epcot construction
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It’s possible that the Friendship Boats that ferry Guests between EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and the surrounding resorts could be better utilized to shuffle Guests back and forth between the World Showcase. Currently, the only route the boats take within the Park is from the entrance of the Showcase to the Morocco pavilion, but that doesn’t help Guests throughout the other areas of the Park. For now, unfortunately it seems as though Guests will have to continue on foot.

Would EPCOT benefit from a PeopleMover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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