“It’s The Worst!” Fans “Hate” Disney’s Newest Theme Park Upgrade

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Crowds at Disneyland Park in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Hundreds of fans are calling out Disney for its lackluster remodel of a popular theme park location.

Credit: Disney

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The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is home to some of the most beloved and cherished theme park attractions in the entire world. From swashbuckling adventures on Pirates of the Caribbean to a creepy tour of a haunted mansion on, well, Haunted Mansion, the Disneyland Resort has it all.

But don’t think riding rides is the only thing to do at “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Hungry Guests will find delicious snacks, treats, and beverages all across the two theme parks as well as Downtown Disney, the Resort’s huge shopping and dining center.

Much like Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, Downtown Disney allows Guests to shop and eat til they drop.

A blue sign reads "downtown disney." There is a green tree in the background.
Credit: Disney

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The massive district has been receiving upgrades left and right recently as Downtown Disney undergoes a massive transformation. Disney recently filed several construction permits to bring a $5 million expansion to the West End of this beloved shopping and dining area. This expansion is set to bring a new 8,300-square-foot retail location with room for five shops. Additionally, the plans include a new bathroom and employee break room, as well as an event space with a 1,250-square-foot stage, shade, and 21 lights.

One of the more recent “upgrades” involved the Jazz Kitchen, which got a total refurbishment, both on the inside and out. However, this remodel has been quite controversial. You can check out a direct side-by-side comparison of the two songs in the tweet shared by Wonders of Magic (@wondersofmagic):

A look at the NEW Jazz Kitchen sign in Downtown Disney which replaced the neon sign? What do you think?! Downgrade?!

A new sign is nothing to write home about, or is it? Taking a look at the Twitter thread will show dozens of upset fans sharing their thoughts on this new sign. One user called it, “The worst thing Disneyland has done to me.”

An entire Reddit thread emerged shortly after, with hundreds sharing their frustrations with the design choice. “I’m so personally offended by this remodel. I was able to eat there in Feb when some of the remodeling was happening and it felt so BLAND. I don’t understand this particular move at all,” said one Reddit user.

Another user said that there doesn’t seem to be a solid vision behind Downtown Disney. “I am so confused about their vision for Downtown Disney. It feels like there isn’t one and it gets worse year by year.” Another user bluntly said that they “hated it.”

How do you feel about this remodel? What’s your go-to spot at Downtown Disney?

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