Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Confirm Return of Beloved Animated Spy Series

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Cartoon Network characters in the background, Sam, Alex, and Clover from Totally Spies! in the front next to the Cartoon Network logo

Warner Bros. Discovery recently merged with HBO, rebranding their streaming platform from HBOMax to just Max in the process. While there were several major announcements as part of the rebrand, one unexpected reveal has just been confirmed.

Cartoon Network is owned by Warner Bros. and is responsible for popular animated shows like Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and several others. During the early 2000s, Totally Spies! was another popular show on the network, focusing on the girly spy group of Alex, Sam, and Clover. It combined spy action with technology and sci-fi with typical aspects of girlhood like fashion and romance, essentially an animated Charlie’s Angels. 

Totally Spies! promo image, featuring Clover in a pink suit, Alex in yellow, and Sam in green
Credit: Netflix

The original series aired on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2015 with a total of six seasons, eventually ending the show as the girls left high school and went on to college. Now, French media company Banijay Kids & Family has confirmed that the rights to the show have been acquired by Warner Bros. Discovery and will be revived for a seventh season.

Alex, Clover, and Sam from Totally Spies! in fight poses
Credit: Banijay Kids & Family/Warner Bros. Discovery

The original announcement of the show’s return was made over a year ago with an expected 2023 release. The release has been delayed to sometime in 2024, and has officially been confirmed for an initial release on Cartoon Network with later streaming on Max. The seventh season of Totally Spies! will be considered as a reboot of sorts, putting the girls back in high school in a new city.

Clover, Sam, and Alex from Totally Spies!
Credit: Banijay Kids & Family/Warner Bros. Discovery

Banijay’s CEO Benoît Di Sabatino promises that the new series will stay true to the show’s key elements, including strong female leads and an iconic aesthetic, but has been updated with care for a new generation of viewers. The series will reflect “modern challenges faced by both high-schoolers and spies alike,” Di Sabatino said while referencing a “passionate global fanbase” that still exists even almost a decade after the show ended.

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