Birdwatching at Shanghai Disney Has Become Even More Thrilling

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Birdwatching at Shanghai Disney Resort

Credit: Disney Parks

Everyone is familiar with the famous Disney ducks that roam the Parks. Whether they’re shuffling down Main Street, U.S.A. or interrupting a parade, the feathered friends are too adorable not to love. Guests typically get along with the birds at Disney Parks and treat them with respect, except for people who feed the duck’s churros; that’s not okay, and you should stop doing that. But no one respects birds more than Shanghai Disney, where a bird-watching tradition has ramped up over the years.

In honor of Earth Month, Disney was proud to announce that there are now 121 species of birds at the Shanghai Disney Wishing Star Park. The Wishing Star Park is a lovely recreational area with a beautiful view of their 100-acre lake, a playground, and even an amphitheater designed to enjoy stars in the night sky. It’s a relaxing nature spot located off to the side of the Resort, away from most of the nosier attractions. Over the years, the location has become a welcoming home to all kinds of birds, so much so Disney has made birdwatching part of Wishing Star Park’s appeal.

Birds at Shanghai Disney Resort
Credit: Disney Parks

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According to Disney, before the creation of Wishing Star Park, there was little habitat for wildlife in the area. Hence, the Imagineers saw this as an opportunity to build land that would foster and protect natural environments for birds. Now there have been over 120 different species of birds spotted around the tranquil landscape.

Shanghai Disney now encourages Guests more than ever to go birdwatching at Wishing Star Park, as they just released an adorable Birdwatching Map that informs visitors about the wide range of bird species and habitats. The map gives Guests the insight they need to identify all the types of birds.

Wishing Star Park Shanghai Disney Resort
Credit: Disney Parks

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While this seem low on the thrill meter, it looks like a fun activity to do with the family when you want to get away from all the excitement at the Parks. So if you’re visiting Shanghai Disney soon, make sure to stop at the Wishing Star Park, pick up a Birdwatching Map, and see how many birds you can find.

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