Viral Video Explains Why Adults Go to Theme Parks All the Time

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The Disney Parks are known as the most magical or happiest places on Earth for many people. Many memories are made while on a Disney vacation for Guests of all ages.

There’s been some criticism lately for a group of people considered “Disney adults.” Essentially, Disney adults are massive fans of the Disney Parks, often Guests that come by themselves or couples that don’t have children.

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In a video posted to TikTok recently, a case is made in favor of Disney adults, or grown-ups in general, who enjoy going to Disney and the other big theme parks by themselves. The creator of the video, @lexiconoflove, mocks people that ask “why would you go to the theme parks all the time?” In response, she says that she knows she can go to a theme park by herself and have zero problems.


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Theme parks have often been described as miniature cities, providing entertainment, dining, and shopping options all in one contained area. The bigger theme parks, especially Disney and Universal, require all Guests to go through a security checkpoint before entering the Parks as well as posting security officers all around the Parks. The creator also mentions that theme parks are especially safe spaces for single, adult women. She says “tell me you can find a place that beats that,” referring to being able to walk around a Park after work, getting her steps in, and getting a drink without worrying about being harassed by men or anyone else.

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The video mentions that there’s no threat of harassment, panhandling, or violence, with the creator stating she doesn’t have to be “on 100% alert all of the time.” She goes on to mention the cleanliness of the Parks, that she can always find a clean bathroom and doesn’t have to avoid things like pet droppings on the sidewalk.

With the world as crazy as it is, Guests are assured that in a theme park, they are, at least for the most part, completely safe. While crowds and Guests can get a little rowdy at times, there’s not much that can happen in a theme park, especially when they cater to families and children. Whereas a bigger city or tourist destination brings fears of all kinds of situations, you know what to expect from a theme park.

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They essentially operate as a mini city anyway, especially the Disney and Universal properties, which not only have a theme park, but also have some version “nightlife” district, like Disney Springs or CityWalk. You can enjoy your time without worrying about if you’re being followed, if you’ll be harassed, or having to be on alert all the time.

Although spending time in a theme park isn’t for everyone, rather than judging people for enjoying the atmosphere and environment, just let them enjoy it. You never know what their reasons are for being there.

Do you prefer going to a theme park or the city? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

in Disney Parks, Theme Parks, Universal Studios

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