Theme Park Charges $229 for Apple Pie

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Credit: Stonewall Kelsey

We all know a theme park vacation can get expensive. But would you pay $20 for a slice of apple pie? How about $229 for the whole thing?

Dolly Parton Dollywood
Credit: Dollywood

Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is best known for being the creation of beloved country icon Dolly Parton. Currently jointly owned by Parton and Herschend Family Entertainment, the original Park opened in 1961 as a new version of Silver Dollar City. Parton bought an interest in the Park in 1986, and it’s been operating as Dollywood ever since.

Recently 25-year-old Stonewall Kelsey of Memphis, Tennessee, a TikToker, took his wife to visit Dollywood, and while looking for coffee around the Park, they came across a 25-pound apple pie for sale at the Spotlight Bakery. The pie cost $19.99 for a slice or $229 for the entire thing, which was baked in a cast iron skillet.

@stonewall_kelsey You know we had to try a piece #dollywood #dollyparton #gatlingburgtennessee #fyp #trending ♬ 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

The pie was an invention to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Dollywood in 2010, made using between 40 and 50 apples, according to Dollywood’s YouTube channel, which also says that one slice of the pie “can feed a family of four.” Despite its price, it was so popular that they continued to make it, even after the promotion had ended.

The 25 pound apple pie at Dollywood
Credit: Delish

Kelsey’s video garnered 3.2 million views, with many viewers and Dolly Parton fans giving their opinion on the pie’s price in the comments. Most stated that they would never pay that much for a dessert and complained about the cost of food at theme parks in general.

Others said the price was worth it, judging by the pie’s size – if you can truly split one slice between four people, that’s $5 a slice. While that’s still not cheap when you can get a whole apple pie at the grocery store for $9, it’s more reasonable. Is a grocery store pie really going to be as good as a Dollywood pie?

Dollywood Sign
Credit: Dollywood

Kelsey and his wife did not end up ordering the pie, but if it’s continued to be sold for all these years, Guests must be enjoying it. Would you pay the price for this pie?

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