‘Superman: Legacy’ Director Has Been Revealed

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James Gunn and Peter Safran officially unveiled some of their plans for the upcoming DCU Chapter 1, which has also been called “Gods and Monsters.” However, Gunn also let it be known that the first five shows and five movies announced are less than half of the grand plan for this new content rollout.

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One of the movies included in this announcement is the Superman: Legacy reboot, which will involve a brand-new Son of Krypton. This brand-new movie will focus on Superman, but a younger version of the superhero, ultimately leading to Henry Cavill’s ousting.

Despite the sad news of Cavill departing, Gunn also informed DC fans that it is likely not the last time the world would see Cavill in the DC Cinematic Universe.

It makes sense that James Gunn would have all the information about this DC reset, considering he is now co-CEO of DC Films, but he especially knows a lot about this upcoming Superman reboot.

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That is because it has been revealed that Gunn is writing and directing Superman: Legacy. DC Comics writer Tom King dropped the bombshell during an interview with ComicPop.

According to King, “I mean, it’s tough because there’s stuff I can talk about, and stuff I can’t… It’s a totally fair question. I mean, James Gunn is a super nerd and he’s super creative, right? He’s the writer and director of the Superman movie and he’s sort of the creative force behind all of this, him and Peter Safran.”

King was speaking on the secrecy that comes with a new slate of DC content. Still, he may have been a bit overzealous in his description of being secretive, as he let the world know that James Gunn will be writing and directing the new Superman movie.

Though Henry Cavill is out as Superman, it is pretty exciting that James Gunn will be behind the camera for the new reboot movie. If anyone can match or go beyond how special Man of Steel was, it is undoubtedly Mr. Gunn.

It also poses the question of how many other announced projects James Gunn will be helming. Everyone is also patiently waiting to see Peacemaker Season 2, so it could be only Superman for which Gunn has the time.

If we are honest, we would love it if Gunn is also directing and writing the Swamp Thing movie.

What DC Projects Have Been Announced By James Gunn?

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There have been five movies and five shows announced by James Gunn.

The movies are as follows:

Superman: Legacy – a new reboot that will tackle a younger Superman and how he balances his Kryptonian heritage and tries to appear human. (directed and written by James Gunn)

Swamp Thing – the new feature will cover the dark origins of how Swamp Thing was created.

The Authority – a look at a group of anti-heroes from WidlStorm that join the DCU and do everything in their power to accomplish what they think is right.

The Brave and the Bold – a new story about Batman and his son Damien, who becomes the new Robin, which is based on the Grant Morrison comics.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – a more science fiction story that showcases Supergirl in a way she has never been seen.

The shows are as follows:

Waller – An in-depth look at Amanda Waller, the crude leader of the Suicide Squad

Booster Gold – A friend of the Blue Beetle and one who uses basic technology from the future to appear to be a superhero in the present day.

Creature Commandos – A group of monsters that are put together by Amanda Waller, much like the Suicide Squad. James Gunn wrote the first season’s episodes, so he might also be directing.

Lanterns – the new name for the long-awaited look at the Green Lantern Corps.

Paradise Lost – Set in Themyscira, the homeland of Wonder Woman, this new series will cover the politics of this Amazonian world.

What DC projects do you think James Gunn will direct? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments!

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