Disney “Pedophile” Conspiracy Gaining Concerning Traction on Social Media

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The Walt Disney Company has come under fire multiple times over the past year for anything from thousands of layoffs to former CEO Bob Chapek’s fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the “Don’t Say Gay” law. But in the days since the Florida government took over Walt Disney World Resort’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, some online are hurling more disturbing allegations about the House of Mouse.

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TikToker @sublim1n0l, an anonymous user who aims to bring “hidden” messages to light, recently shared multiple videos about The Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks that received tens of thousands of views each. In one of them, the user shares symbols allegedly identified by the FBI as associated with pedophilia and compares them to imagery from Disney and Pixar movies and television shows, as well as Disney Park attractions:


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For the most part, commenters weren’t having it. “Some of them could just be. Yknow. Spirals,” reads one of the most popular comments from @mouse_tbh.

“It’s ok I forgot to take my meds too,” @sinner81st joked.

“This is what happens when you use Facebook as your only research tool,” said @subterraneanboogeyman.

Mickey Mouse scared, screenshot from the Mickey Mouse Shorts episode "Wish Upon a Coin"
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Nevertheless, the anonymous user continued to share more conspiracies about The Walt Disney Company. While most of these allegations remain on fringe corners of the internet, these videos are receiving tens of thousands of views. They bear concerning similarities to the “Pizzagate” scandal, in which conspiracy theorists alleged a child-sex ring with high-profile members like Hillary Clinton. Despite zero evidence of such a group, a gunman fired into a Washington, D.C. pizzeria that he believed was the center of the conspiracy.

There is no evidence of a broad Disney conspiracy, and The Walt Disney Company has not responded to any allegations purported in the TikTok video. 

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