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Disney Parks around the world

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Many Guests have dreamed about visiting every Disney Park on the globe, from the six total parks in Florida and California to the half dozen overseas in Asia and Europe. And for some, the ultimate Disney fantasy would be a trip of a lifetime, visiting every Disney Park back to back in one fell swoop.

Shanghai Disneyland castle with Cast Members and Disney characters
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For Nathan Firesheets, he’s making that dream a reality by visiting every Disney Theme Park in the world… in just twelve days.

Firesheets’ friends call him the “Forrest Gump” of Disney Parks, as he has set off on a twelve-day journey to visit all the parks that Disney offers. And when he says “twelve days,” he means it. And that includes travel.

Disney Parks Fan going to all 12 parks
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Firesheets is a Disney vlogger and content creator focusing on these over-the-top challenges. He has already completed his challenge to ride every Disney attraction in Disneyland and Walt Disney World in just 36 hours. Firesheets enjoys a good time crunch, flexing his abilities to do as much as possible in the time it would take an average person to get through half a Park.

Disney Parks Tokyo
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Not only is Firesheets traveling to every Park, but he plans to get on as many rides as possible. While he has used friends in the past to hold spots for him in line during previous challenges as a time-saving strategy, this time, he’s undertaking his mission without any assistance. Firesheets will also have to limit his number of attractions, so he has enough time to hop on a plane and travel to his next destination. However, he has gotten a decent number of rides done so far, completing 23 rides at Disneyland Tokyo alone, for a total of 83 overall.

The Disney fanatic enjoys creating these time challenges for himself, calling them “puzzles.” He is currently about halfway into his journey, completing his 5th Park overseas. Firesheets plans to end his mission in Walt Disney World, where he will undoubtedly have a hero’s welcome waiting for him.

You can follow Firesheet’s current challenge and any others he cooks up next on his Twitter page.

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