New TRON Merch Races Into Magic Kingdom

in Walt Disney World

New TRON merchandise in the Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

The long-awaited opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run is just around the corner at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Disney has been gearing up for the opening of this brand-new coaster, which has been under construction since 2017, and many Cast Members and Annual Passholders have already gotten to ride the attraction through previews.

One of the banks on TRON Lightcycle/Run at night with a coaster car on it.
Credit: USA Today

Previews for the ride have yielded mixed to positive feedback, with many riders praising the coaster’s theming, unique experience, and thrill factor. However, many have also criticized the coaster’s short length and the fact that many Guests are having a hard time fitting into the bike-style seats. While Disney does provide alternate seating for those who do not fit on the bike, those seats are few and far between, and Guests are up in arms over waiting an additional 30+ minutes for them.

Nevertheless, TRON Lightcycle / Run officially opens on April 4 at the Magic Kingdom. Yesterday, Disney announced that a new food stand, Energy Bytes, would be opening adjacent to the attraction. Today, Disney Parks Blog gave Guests a look at some of the new TRON merch that will be coming to the Magic Kingdom.

New TRON Merchandise from the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Disney is releasing three different merch lines alongside the attraction; one themed around the ride experience itself, one based on the original TRON (1982), and one based on TRON: Legacy (2010). The pieces from the original film collection or nostalgic and quintessentially ’80s, featuring nods to Flynn’s Arcade and nostalgic pieces like arcade cabinets and action figures.

There’s also plenty of merchandise that features Lightcycles, which are the bikes from the attraction and iconic films, including apparel and accessories. The TRON Lightcycle Handlebars are an interactive toy that can turn into an interactive game for four players. There are even some replica pieces from the films, including a light-up replica of Sam Flynn’s helmet from TRON: Legacy. Guests can also find other interactive pieces like a light-up jacket and a backpack with a built-in Identity Disc that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

New TRON Merchandise from the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Disney Parks Blog states that Guests will be able to purchase these collections on April 4 in a pop-up shop directly across from Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, meaning this pop-up shop could be inside the former Stitch’s Great Escape! Check out the full collection on their blog post.


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