Mickey Mouse, Princess Tiana, and Other Characters Signed New Orleans Mayor Recall

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Mickey Mouse and other character's name appear on recall petition in new Orleans

Apparently, Mickey Mouse and the seven Dwarfs, among other fictional characters, aren’t fans of New Orlean’s Mayor, LaToya Cantrell.

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Disney finds itself in more political news this week as the mayor’s office in New Orleans discovered Disney characters’ signatures on the petition last week to remove Cantrell from office, which is playing a significant role in why the recall has failed.

The home of Princess Tiana has been suffering from a divisive community. Last year, the citizens of New Orleans made their voices heard when they expressed their feelings towards Cantrell and how she’s failing to protect their city from the rise of crime. Those against the mayor started a campaign to recall her, which ended this month.

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The campaign members needed 45,000 signatures to move forward with any recall, and they managed to turn in around 70,000 before the final deadline. Unfortunately, over half of those signatures were deemed invalid. There were several reasons why thousands of signatures were rejected, but one had to do with some familiar names appearing on the petition.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Princess Tiana, Cinderella, Donald Duck, Sleeping Beauty, and all of the seven Dwarfs’ name’s appeared on the petition. Of course, since none of these characters are citizens of New Orleans, let alone actually exist, each of their names had to be thrown out and was not counted.

mickey mouse and other disney characters names on recall petion
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Two things were made evident when these names were discovered. First, a Disney fan in New Orleans didn’t seem to care about the recall outcome and decided to have some fun. Second, those in charge of the recall campaign did not do their due diligence before turning in the signatures. The latter plays into why the attempt to remove Cantrell from office failed.

LaToya Cantrell
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Other fictional characters who wanted Cantrell out of office were Shrek, Fred Flinstone, Scooby-Doo, and Barney Rubble.

While this could be considered a funny prank or a desperate attempt to win the recall, the group behind the campaign is not laughing. They have stated they will proceed with legal action if needed, but with the proof that the mayor’s office has, it would seem this attempt will have to be considered a loss.

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