Halloween Horror Nights Teases Announcements Coming Soon

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Halloween Horror Nights is arguably the most popular event at Universal Orlando and Hollywood. A separately ticketed event that runs from September to November each year, Halloween Horror Nights is a terrifying event for horror fans of all ages.

Each Halloween season, Universal Studios transforms, bringing a new set of haunted houses and scare zones, including both original concepts and Universal-owned IP themes. In a first for the Parks, Universal Orlando announced that 2023 would feature a Chucky house before the 2022 Horror Nights had ended. Fans love to speculate, with several Twitter accounts posting “spec maps” for months leading up to the event, based on discussions, rumors, and possible ideas. There’s already been speculation for the 2023 season, with rumors of a M3GAN house or a Dracula and Phantom of the Opera team up.

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights
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However, it seems as though the social media team for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando is getting ready to add some fuel to the fire. The official Twitter account is well-known for engaging with comments and other users, joking with them and interacting on pretty regular basis. In a Tweet posted earlier today, the account seems to have confirmed that official house announcements may be starting soon, but users may have to hunt for them.

“Hope u got my account notifications set to all tweets,” the post says. Several of the comments respond by affirming they’ve got notifications on, with the Horror Nights account commenting some variation of “good” on several of them. With the emphasis of “all tweets,” several users are speculating that they may make an announcement or hint in a reply tweet.

Halloween Horror Nights
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The Orlando Horror Nights account often jokes with the official Universal Orlando Twitter, with the accounts going back and forth on each other’s posts, so it’s possible an announcement could be made as a reply on the Universal page instead. The Horror Nights account started picking up steam last March and April, with an official announcement made in May. Tickets for the 2022 event went on sale on March 24, 2022, so it could also mean ticket sales will be opening soon. Either way, fans are getting excited about the possibility of more news coming soon.

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