Guests Call Disney World Rides a “Waste of Time/Money”

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Walt Disney World is one of the biggest pieces of property Disney owns, often said to be the size of San Fransisco, and it’s absolutely packed to the brim with a wide variety of things to see, do, and experience. While the Parks are home to some of the most incredible rides and attractions in the theme park business, many aren’t worth the price of admission.

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Anyone who’s ever visited Disney World, or any Disney Park for that matter, has their favorite attraction. From Space Mountain to Small World, Disney has crafted some of the most enchanting experiences out there. That being said, not all rides are created equal.

Disney World Demystified

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A recent Reddit conversation asked Disney Park Guests what they wouldn’t spend time or money on anymore, and one thread made a perspective-shifting observation. Although there will never be a substitute for rides like the Haunted Mansion, Journey Into Imagination, or Expedition Everest, some attractions are just simple rides with a Disney skin.

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u/andherewestand begins the conversation when they write,

“There was another thread where I mentioned this and I know opinions will vary, but it’s the dressed up carnival rides for me. Dumbo, Carpets, Astro Orbiter, Teacups. I can ride essentially the same ride at any fair midway. Now, I know, for some that have been going since childhood and go frequently, there’s a nostalgia factor. I get it. But for me, I’d rather spend my time on attractions I can’t get anywhere else.”

While not all will recognize the “dressed up carnival rides” at Disney, the notion of attractions Guests can’t find anywhere else is a key component of Disney’s identity. Some might even say it’s time the company remembered that.

Often Imitated (and Frequently Duplicated)

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It’s not just “dressed up carnival rides” that are the problem, as one user points out that Disney is even guilty of copying their own iconic rides and using them in the same Park. u/Dixierain adds their perspective when they reply,

I agree, and a lot of the kiddie rides are the same if you get down to it. Dumbo, [Aladdin] , space orbiter are all the same ride but dressed up differently. Teacups just makes me nauseous anymore. I get the appeal for those of us with small kids but I am so glad my kids are passed that stage because those lines are sometimes ridiculous for what the ride is.

The user brings up a point that likely many of us have often wondered. Why are the wait times so long for commonplace amusement park attractions?

Nostalgia. It’s a Heck of a Drug

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As with most things under the Disney banner, Disney Park Guests, and fans of the company in general, are often blinded by nostalgia. Disney is the absolute master of repackaging beloved childhood experiences and banking on their audience’s cherished memories. The mark of a great magic act is a perfected illusion, after all.

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At the end of the day, Guests shouldn’t be discouraged from frequently visiting these Disney World classics, but they might not be worth a Lightning Lane. They at least give Guests something to do while spending time at the place where dreams come true.

What do you think is a time-wasting ride? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!


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