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  1. walt

    Well duh! Um do you remember when and why Disney was created? Look it up. Second so what. Stand in line or don’t. Third it probably won’t be long before they are all banned like Splash so just wait a few years more.

  2. P.C. Knott

    One can get similar rides at a carnival/fair type event.
    Same could be said for ANY of the attractions at Disney.
    By all means, stay home if you feel this way.

  3. Ruth Clark

    I have been to Disney World more times than I can count and have had a great time until 7 years ago and I haven’t been back. As far as the rides go I love Thunder Mountain, It’s A Small World and the Tea Cups and the Dwarf ride which we only got to do once because it was new and long lines.I miss how it used to be when we brought out kids there every year.We started when the kids were 6 and 3.The 6 year old is now 55 and she goes most every year now.Disney has changed with the prices and the attitudes that work there so we don’t go anymore but I do miss it.

  4. Jeff

    Your comparing 3 twirling kids rides? Thats your reasoning… what about the Billion dollar Star Wars addition, etc, etc, etc, etc…
    maybe your wheelhouse would be standing in line at the local corn festival. As a kid growing up, I personally don’t remember any local festivals/carnivals… BUT I SURE DO REMEMBER WDW

  5. The billion dollar star wars rides and the somewhat interesting Panorama are still not worth paying more for! It is incredibly expensive for tickets and just absolutely greedy to ask for more. The reasoning behind their two biggest failures, lightening lane and Genie plus, as well as park reservations, has been substantially debunked!! None of these things has diminished crowds what so ever!!!!

  6. Michael Ceriale

    Remember Alien Encounters a really fun ride and they took it away. I hear Dinosaur may go which is a shame…That is why so many guests over 8 go to Universal Studios!

    1. h1phopan0nymous

      Author has a “passion for all things Disney” but seemingly doesn’t know the difference between Disney World, Disney Land, and even Sea World? Fix your thumbnail and article header pic. And why are Sea World Orlando photos on Shutterstock with a Disney World tag anyway? There’s literally nothing at Disney that looks like the Macko or Kraken roller coasters.

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