Disney Employee Gives Creepy Warning to Guests Trapped on Ride

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Pirates of the Caribbean exterior at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Disney Guests encountered a very weird and “creepy” version of one of Walt Disney World’s most famous attractions.

A family riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant at the Magic Kingdom.
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The Walt Disney World is filled to the brim with classic and iconic experiences. Often called “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” Guests can expect to find lots of magic around every corner of Walt Disney World, especially at the Magic Kingdom.

Here is where some of the most beloved and infamous theme park attractions ever made reside. Rides like “it’s a small world,” Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and the now-defunct Splash mountain have entertained Guests for decades and continue to bring joy to those who visit every year,

However, there may not be a more iconic Disney World ride than Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

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This swashbuckling adventure first opened at the Disneyland Resort and was brought over to several other Disney parks due to how popular it was. The ride can be found in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom and tends to gather quite a wait.

It’s changed quite a bit over the years, with Disney altering certain parts of the ride due to their problematic nature. Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, along with other elements of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was added to all versions of the ride in order to create “synergy” between Disney’s films and theme parks.

Unfortunately, the ride encountered issues often, with boats getting backed up fairly often. The animatronics are also old and sometimes don’t work. Recently, Guests were stuck on the ride and received a strange message, as you can see in the Reddit post below:

“Attention in Pirates, animation turning off”

“Attention in Pirates, animation turning off” from WaltDisneyWorld

In the video, you can hear a Disney Cast Member issue a statement to Guests as they are stuck on the ride. The Cast Member says, “Attention in Pirates, animation turning off.” This is definitely a weird way to experience this ride.

Usually, Guests are given a multi-experience pass that they can redeem at other rides to make up for the lackluster experience. This is a common occurrence on newer rides as well, like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What’s your favorite ride at Walt Disney World? Stay tuned here at Inside the Magic for more Disney Park news!

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