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Meeting the characters at any Disney Park is a highlight for many Guests, and there are more than a few crowd favorites that seem like permanent additions to the cast. However, the Parks might be slowly phasing one of their most beloved and most marketable characters out of the picture. Disney might be giving Stitch a grand exit.

Lilo and Stitch
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Along with characters like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, Stitch of Lilo and Stitch fame has become one of the most recognizable entities in Disney’s canon. With three movies, a TV show, an anime, a manga series, a live-action remake in the works, and immense quantities of merchandise, Stitch is one of the most popular fictional characters in recent decades. So why would Disney want to give him the ax?

Is Stitch Being Cut From the Parks?

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A lot of things have changed for the Disney Parks in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, and Meet and Greets were definitely one of the biggest and most unsettling alterations during this troubling time. However, Stitch’s socially distanced Meet and Greet still hasn’t changed, and it doesn’t look like Disney is doing anything about it.

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Many Disney Park Guests, including this writer, have noticed that Stitch has been reduced from a regular feature of Tomorrowland to a pop-up character on the main stage. What’s even more discouraging is that his regular Meet and Greet area, formerly Stitch’s Great Escape, has been used as stroller parking. This might seem like a temporary inconvenience, but a recent announcement should give Stitch fans further concern.

What’s Happening at Stitch’s Venue

Stitch's Great Escape
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We recently noticed the drastic changes happening to Stitch’s Meet and Greet location on one of our last visits, but now it seems Disney is taking further steps. As Tomorrowland shifts from the retro-futurism vibes to the brightly-hued world of TRON’s Game Grid, there might not be room for Stitch anymore. The little blue troublemaker’s former venue is slated to become a TRON pop-up shop for a limited time, but it might be that a massive retheme could be underway.

New TRON Merchandise from the Magic Kingdom
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As of now, it’s uncertain whether or not Stitch will still be a prominent Meet and Greet fixture. If anything, it would be a huge mistake on Disney’s part if he were to be removed. He’s been a favorite amongst the fanbase for over 20 years, and cutting him from the Park would be as grievous as dropping Pooh or Goofy.

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Fans can find some comfort in knowing that the pop-up shop catered to TRON’s theming is likely a temporary addition to celebrate the opening of Lightcycle/Run. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Stitch is safe or slated to return to his normal venue anytime soon.

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