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Stitch poses for ITM

Credit: Zach Gass


  1. Cheryl

    No, i love Stitch.

    1. Sofie

      No i love stich 😃😃

  2. Rob

    A romance scammer who played me for thousands has a Stitch tattoo. Serves her right if they do…lol.

    1. Linda


  3. MorngConqr13

    I feel like doing away the carcators that are stable for Disney lovers is not right .

    1. Allie

      Characters *

    2. Lindsey


    3. John

      Another way Disney is messing up a good thing.I bet you Walt Disney is screaming from his grave.

  4. Sarina

    Walt Disney world is doing less and less yet upping prices. They tend to forget that it’s the Floridians who spend the most there as pass holders we visit more and collect more. However, their lack of concern for families and keeping Disney fun we are finding better prices and not having to fall for the souvenir saga and attending other parks such as universal, sea World, Lego land, and bush gardens. Less money spent on passes, food, and souvenirs can’t beat that. Disney isn’t what it used to be. Some things are worth changing and one day Disney will figure that out.

    1. George

      I agree completely. I just took my family to Disney for their first times and I was completely nnndisappointed. We live in Tampa and frequent the other parks. My family had fun because they have never been there, but everything about the place was disappointing. We went to all 4 parks, each one more depressing than the other. I was born and raised in Florida and have been going to Disney since they had a ticket option for rides. This trip was a complete waste of money. I will never go back.

    2. Ricky

      Facts The police is going downhill quickly.

  5. Rose H.

    Why must Disney ruin my day? The Happiest Place On Earth is not so happy any longer.

  6. Sora

    Dang, they’re really putting Stitch on the back burner. I love Stitch.

  7. Jeff Rhodes

    Stitches great escape is most likely going to be turned into wreck it Ralph themed points gathering attraction (just what we don’t need another of) I’ve play tested the proposed attraction here in Pittsburg and I sure hope they took our focus group comments serious because it was a “snooze”

    1. Mija

      Another move proving what a joke Disney has become. We need to do more that just type commentary though. Avoid the parks, avoid the merchandise, and stop watching the shows and movies for a while! Disney is synonymous with the words Greed and Disappointment. Walt would be ashamed!

  8. DB

    The best interaction I had is with Stitch!! He’s so goofy and loveable!!

    1. Charles Hicks

      This sounds like a lot of speculation. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to rotate characters. Over the last 30 years, or more, many have become a rare sighting, at special events. Maybe WDW has to thin the herd and Stitch will become one of those special characters. It isn’t the end of the world.

  9. Chris B

    I know it says because of Tron but it was probably some blue haired, easily offended weak snowflake that didnt like Stitch so Disney had to make sure they were happy. Just like the same humanoids that didnt like splash mountain.

    1. Linda

      Puleeze. Yeah. One old person got offended by Stitch and it’s all their fault. Right.

    2. Matthew

      Oh yeah, blame everything on the “woke mob” when most of those “blue-haired woke freaks” like myself grew up with movies like Lilo & Stitch. Come on.

      1. Tony D

        If anything “blue haired woke freaks” is Stitch’s target demographic.

  10. Stitch is leaving!?
    I never get to meet Stitch only get to see the Stitch’s Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland.
    He’s no longer going to be there at Disney world!?

    Now I’ll never get to meet Stitch!

    I’m crying already!

  11. Shelly

    Stitch is my favorite and I was disappointed when Stitch’s Great Escape closed now this!! What are you doing Disney

  12. Kevin

    My kids and grandkids love stitch along with myself. It is a shame what Disney is doing to the parks. Leave the characters alone and maybe bring back some more things that Walt would do .

    1. Landon Raphael

      You tell them

      1. Charles Hicks

        This sounds like a lot of speculation. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to rotate characters. Over the last 30 years, or more, many have become a rare sighting, at special events. Maybe WDW has to thin the herd and Stitch will become one of those special characters. It isn’t the end of the world.

    2. Landon Raphael

      Whyyyyy! 😭😭😭

      1. Caila

        I know that walt Disney would be so disappointed stitch deserves to be here on Disney land

    3. Caila

      I AGREE…

  13. Gary

    WHY folks liked him!

  14. Heather

    Disney is changing so much and I personally don’t like how they are booting so many loved attractions along with characters… Keep stitch darn it!!

  15. Corey

    Who cares about a meet n greet character when an entire show building has been out of order for a decade?? I’m more concerned there’s no new attraction that’s been announced there!

    1. Ricky

      It’s going to be nothing. They have nothing planned they are hemorrhaging money.

  16. Terry B

    “Mega Nala Kweestra”

  17. David A

    Like all characters, Disney is going back into it’s vault, 20+ years. Tron did not do well in bring in the big $$ as some other movies. Children now have not experienced the movies prior, unless they get Disney+ or there parents like Disney DVD’s and movies of prior years.
    Some rides derived from movies become a distant pass.
    Time to start delivering new movies and opening a ride within 2 years or at the same time of release.
    Disney started out as animation and documentary films, Walt love. Kids born today, need there own experience in new movies.
    Mickey finally got his own ride after 60+ years and maybe other characters need their own exhibits.
    I liked Tron, but it was not an exclusive movie, either the first or 2nd version.
    Pirates did well! Disney needs to stop making live action, animation films and let some of the creators, create and bring change and life to the parks. If Stitch is a favorite, keep him, maybe a different park than Tomorrowland, which he does not fit in.
    They got it right with Toy Story land, and there are multiple movies, and still going strong with maybe others being created.
    Starwars, Marvel, they need to advance on this century offerings.

    1. Linda

      I think Stitch would be more at home in Adventure Land with its Hawaiian teeming. He was out of place in Tomorrow Land.

      1. teri

        totally agree here!!!! Take own the treehouse and do something Stitchy with that area. Stitch and angel are a hit at Aulani, and should be in FL too.

        1. Ricky

          Disney is too cheap to do that.

    2. Ricky

      They’re not getting their own experiences or movies what they are getting is crappy remakes.

  18. MAC

    My whole family loves Stitch. My daughter has several stuffed Stitches and is looking to add to her collection. On our first trip with her (2) and my husband’s daughter (24) from his first marriage to Disney World, he took a wonderful photo of the two of them, united in their love of Stitch and each other, with Stitch in Animal Kingdom. It’s one of my go to memories when I’m sad or depressed. Please Disney, do not vanish Stitch.

  19. Nick

    Ohana means family. And family means, nobody gets left behind, or forgotten!

    1. Gary

      You got it Nick!

  20. Arthur

    Leave Stitch alone! He stays where he is!

    1. Kami

      As former cast, I don’t believe he is leaving , but its most likely a temporary situation until the tron shop opens . He will most likely do the Tomorrowland stage and possibly roam . However if he does fully leave magic, you can find him at ohana with lilo that being said, if he does leave , we need a tron character interaction or else Buzz is alone in Tomorrowland

  21. Mo Price

    Nooo!! He was the only character I ever cared about seeing!!!

  22. Noooo I wanted to see him when I got to Disney/ universal next fall😭

    1. Ricky

      Just go to Universal skip Disney. It is just a tourist trap. The park is absolutely filthy.

  23. David

    Stitch may leave Magic Kingdom but you can still see him AND Lilo when you have breakfast at the Ohana.

  24. Barbara Szabo

    NOOOOOOOOO! He’s the ambassador of OHANA!

  25. Eric Carlson

    I may be the odd person out. But, we had a terrible experience with Stitch at Disney World. My daughter was so looking forward to seeing him, and so excited. But once we got there he treated my daughter with complete indifference. (Long story, short) So, whichever castmember was playing him that day should be fired! The experience left a bad taste in my mouth, so his leaving actually makes me feel better. And We love Stitch, so this is really bittersweet.

  26. Stitch must stay! He’s as popular as Mickey Mouse. My son adores him.

  27. Jodi Mooney

    They can’t get rid of Stitch!!!!! He’s a beloved character the everyone wants to meet, especially adults!!!

  28. Brooklyn

    Please no
    I love stitch 💙

  29. Tara

    No, we love Stitch, and going to be in Magic Kingdom in 2 weeks. We want to meet him. Come on Disney, what are you doing?

  30. John

    Another way Disney is messing up a good thing.I bet you Walt Disney is screaming from his grave.

  31. Felicity

    This is wrong. My son was looking forward to seeing Stitch. I hope it isn’t being removed from Polynesian Resort, that would be a mistake. Please keep Stitch.

  32. Abby

    I don’t like Lilo and Stitch.
    Bring back Timekeeper.

  33. Ricky

    Disney pay more and get less. The place has been going downhill fast. I have not gave them my money in a long time. This place is a dump now.
    Just a tourist trap if you’re planning a trip don’t. Go to Universal or one of the other theme parks.

  34. Catherine Betler

    My granddaughters love Stitch and were dissapointed when we didn’t see him during our last visit in November. Please rethink your decision because I think you’ll regret it and dissapoint thousands of people.

  35. Move Stitch around not remove him completely. The character is the image of youth at its finest!!
    Mischeviius but always willing to learn ,try and create a bigger and better place which can only be done by trial and error.
    My kids stretch across 3decades and we all love the character. Meet n greets I get can be overwhelming for some who are impatient that’s why I had a band to schedule such things as I am impatient right along with the youngsters lol
    Please use better strategy to incorporate Stitch not phase him out. It’s like phasing out Walt disneys imagineering honestly

  36. Chuck

    We went to DisneyWorld late last year and had a great time! It’s definitely getting less family friendly because of the prices.
    I never really got what made Stitch appealing.
    Never really cared for him so seeing less of him isn’t an issue with me.

  37. Phil

    Finally!!! Walt Disney didn’t create the character, so why have the character in his parks?

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