Guests Witness Jaw-Dropping Mistake on Disney Ride

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Guests witnessed a major glitch after Disney decided to bring back a classic attraction to its California Resort.

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Over the years, Disney has developed and created some incredibly immersive attractions. From Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge or the breathtaking world of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Guests can expect to get completely lost in the experiences Disney provides, both in terms of rides as well as physical lands,

However, one of the most immersive rides Disney ever produced opened over two decades ago at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

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Soarin’ Over California originally opened all the way back in 2001 at Disney California Adventure Park and was a smash hit among Guests, so much so that a duplicate version was opened just a few years later at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The ride features a massive, IMAX-level screen where three rows of Guests are lifted up and moved to match what they are seeing on the screen.

Of course, a discussion about Soarin’ wouldn’t be complete without talking about the two different versions of the ride. After providing thrills to Guests for years, Disney decided to replace Soarin’ Over California with Soarin’ Around the World.

This overhaul came complete with a brand-new experience for Guests to enjoy, as they would now be taken to various locations across the world. This was a renovation for the ride, but many found the new film lacking, especially when the now-infamous Eiffel Tower showed up.

soarin around the world
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Because of the somewhat-lackluster reception to the new version, Disney brings back the original film to accompany the ride from time to time. The original version of Soarin’ has been brought back as Disneyland hosts its Adventure Food & Wine Festival. This started earlier in March and will run through April 25.

Unfortunately, it seems like Disney wasn’t totally prepared to bring the old film back, with Guests witnessing a major glitch, as you can see below:

Wow Soarin’ Over California is so nostalgic!

During the ride, the “Starting Windows” screen can be seen as the computer systems reboot. As the ride continues, more screens pop up, giving us a little behind-the-scenes look at how the ride actually works, at least on a technical aspect.

Eventually, all the Guests received a Lightning Lane pass that they could use anytime they wanted as a way to make up for the less-than-magical experience.

Have you ever witnessed a glitch at Disney like this one? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below. 

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