Disney Employees Lead Mutiny Against CEO Bob Iger

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Bob Iger

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Disney CEO Bob Iger is facing backlash from many employees over some decisions he has made.

Bob Iger (left) and Bob Chapek (right) at 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge
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Bob Iger took over The Walt Disney Company from fired former CEO Bob Chapek last year, and many fans rejoiced. Since then, Iger has made few changes that have directly affected Disney Park fans, other than making Park-Hopping a little less restrictive and getting rid of parking fees for Walt Disney World Resort hotels, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t left an impact already.

Iger announced at the last shareholder’s meeting that Disney would be forced to lay off more than 7,000 employees. Though the layoffs certainly were faced with scrutiny, there was one other decision that has been more at the forefront in the minds of thousands of Disney Cast Members.

Bob Iger
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Bob Iger made waves when he shared that employees who were working from home would now be required to come back in the office.

Inside the Magic covered a petition that has now grown to even more signatures of thousands of employees from all umbrellas of The Walt Disney Company, including ABC, 20th Century Studios, Marvel Studios, Hulu, Pixar, FX, and more. The petition shared that this decision “was likely to have unintended consequences that cause long-term to the company.”

Prior to the petition, Disney remote workers penned an open letter to Bob Iger saying that the decision was “inflicting unnecessary damage.”

“While we agree with the logic that relationships are the heart of creativity, we also believe that this mandate fundamentally misses the mark in a number of ways,” the letter begins. “If implemented in its current form, without apparent awareness of how many of our workers support our large and diverse family of businesses and operations, this policy stands to damage the business itself, while harming the employees, and inflicting unnecessary damage to the environment by needlessly putting more vehicles on the road.”

Cinderella Castle Partners statue at Walt Disney World
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Disney Cast Members who work from home have even spoken out against Iger, saying that the CEO is “out of touch.” 

As more backlash comes forward against the CEO for this decision, it seems more likely that many employees will elect to take a stand that could include moving on from the company or staging a protest.

At this time, The Walt Disney Company has not issued a statement on the backlash its facing from its employees over this matter.

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