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Bob Iger

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  1. Sheep-are-Tasty

    Fire them.

  2. Walt

    Ditto – get back to work or fire them. Of all people Disney cast members should know that creativity is a synergistic process – even though their recent movies etc don’t show it. Where did this idea come from employees that they can determine what a business can do. On the other hand anything that takes the shine off the monster Iger I am all for – hope the fight escalates. Perhaps all the woke groomer employees will quit and Disney will return to its former mission and glory. I can dream can’t I?

    1. AJ

      Woke groomers? Psychotic. When I have international meetings that stay at 4am and my entire team is abroad, you think I should drive into an office just to be there when I don’t work with anyone? Then stay there for meetings that start evenings for other city mornings?

      1. Mark

        What did you do before March 2020? Thats your answer. People who “work” from home actuslly think the rest of us believe you. When u wakeup 2 minutes before your start time (sleep in?) And lay in bed with a lap top open and “work”. Or maybe relax on the couch and “work”. Maybe friends comeover. Maybe even drink sum wine while….”work ” its called laziness and entitlement. Its another reason people are getting FATTER. I bet people who “work” from hkme even get fast food delivered to their front door. Thats how lazy you..I mean people have become. Its called BEFORE march 2020. Thats how work should AND starting to be again.break time is over.

        1. Passholder

          This is a story that only exists in your own mind that you made up just to tear it down again.

          People who work from home work just as hard or harder than everyone else, if that offends you too bad, not sad.

          1. Kelly Connerton

            The point he was trying to make is, disney employees worked at the office prior to covid, Igor wants to go back to it. Its his right as a CEO to determine that.

            1. passholder

              Unless you’ve read all of the employee contracts, you can’t really say that definitively. It’s super easy to be an advocate for whatever meme you want to champion from your phone.

              He doesn’t have “rights” as CEO, he makes decisions. Decisions have consequences for a CEO just as much as they do for an employee.

              His point is ignorant, and irrelevant. It’s just useless noise.

        2. Real Mark

          What I did before 2020 was work from home…. What I did before 2010? Work from home… Too bad you are in a job that doesn’t allow it, it is quite nice 🙂

    2. Sausage Maker

      This is what Iger is missing: not everyone at the company is in a creative role or wants to move up in the company. A lot of people are just making sausage with 10 layers of managers above them discussing flavors of sausage. If you work night shift or in another time zone (while all those managers are asleep) there is no collaboration to be had. Being in the office can also slow things down due to chatty co-workers, or all the sausage makers getting sick from being together, or the loss of personal time/money having to commute, eat in office, not be available for family care, etc.

      1. Mark

        So what did these people do before March 2020? Did they “work” from home? NO. they drove to work like an adult. Its because their now lazy! Chatty co workers? What about if u live with other people? Arnet they chatty too? What about all the distraction while “working” from your couch. Tv? Music? Phones? Friends? Etc etc. Its not fooling anyone. People got excited they stayed home and pretended to work. Got paid to do absolutely nothing. Saved tons of money on gas. Got to sleep in every day waking up a minute before start time. And now playtime for the lazy fatty is over

    3. Xavier


    4. Xavier


      1. Justin


      2. My my, such a filthy mouth. I think you’re the one who should nit being going to a family place. Typical of a liberal. Your way or else. Grow up and put some soap in your mouth until you do

        1. JayArnold

          Woken wild eyed liberals are the most hateful, intolerant closed minded people out there. Nothing at all like what traditional liberals once were. These people are not to be taken seriously. The problem is that Disney’s work force is populated with enough of these wackos that they take THEMSELVES seriously. What a joke.

    5. Yo msms

      I’m so appreciative of your comment. Especially since I knew your parents really well. Your mom, a very moderately priced whore, was a favorite of mine in the height of my outing days. What’s funny is I used to tell her the same thing “get back to work or I’ll fire you!” It is part of the synergistic process because all the other whores were there!

      1. Mark

        Typical comment from someone with clear daddy issues and a weird love for mommy.

    6. Mark priest

      Right! All this is is lazy people who “work” from their couch. There pissed they gotta wakeup and drive to work. Oh boo hoo. Its what they ALL did before 2020. And now they can’t? Who are they trying to fool? The environment? Wtf does that have to do with anything? So that means these lazy employees (who don’t actually work ..they sleep from home) don’t drive to and from the stores? Because that’s bad for the environment according to them. Its entitlement 101 and pure laziness. Its the same at my job. Some only work from home for 3 yrs now. While the rest of us go into the office mon thru Friday. Go back to work or your fired. Its that simple.

  3. EM

    The parks are making money. Are the layoffs from the streaming and movie companies? If so then that’s where the layoffs should be. Stop using the parks to bail out the other divisions of Disney. Prices are ridiculous as it is and they continue to rob Peter to pay Paul!

  4. CA

    Dear at-home employees,
    Get up, shower, get dressed, have your breakfast, brush your teeth, lock your door, get in your car AND GO TO WORK!!!!!!

    1. MC

      Fire Them…As a Share Holder, they need to stop this nonsense. Their jobs are not guaranteed and they need a lesson in “Tough Love”. Bob Iger might not be perfect, but these “Spoiled Wokesters” need to move on if they’re not happy with their arrangements. I was an “Essential Employee” and was in work at my office every day…times-up for them..return to work or move on….and don’t let Mickey slap you in the rear end on your way out…on the other hand, some of you might just like that…

      1. Mike

        😳😳😳 mickey ass slappin 💀☠️ I’m dead. I too am an essential worker n been in the office every day. If I was Bob the 7000 layoffs would start with the chumps who signed the petition. 😎

    2. Tee

      Exactly… sounds like they have become complacent.

  5. P.C. Knott

    Those 7k layoffs can start with those refusing to go to the office for work. The office was good enough before covid, it should be good enough after covid.
    Get out of your jammies and get to work!

    1. Disney Cast Member

      The glamorous office where there’s no feminine products or soap in the bathroom? Or space to be creative and hear your own thoughts? Or the “kitchen” that doesn’t even have coffee? The office is the opposite of an inspiration hub to collaborate.

      1. Anette

        Being an employee entitles you to a place to work. No one owes you coffee or feminine products. I mean your company isn’t paying for them now when you’re working from home, are they? Work is work. Your employer doesn’t owe you anything other than a paycheck.

      2. Mike

        Wow. 1st world problems much? Tell the manager to get soap. Its free from the company. Also companies DO NOT offer bloody tampons. Buy them yourself. Coffee? Buy it YOURSELF. your to entitled. Time to put your big girl pants on and be an adult.

  6. Agree with all the above comments. No one ever said working from home was a permanent move. The pandemic is over!
    The same should apply to Disney. Changes were made like park reservations due to the pandemic. ***News Flash Disney, the pandemic is over! Let’s get back to pre-pandemic days!!!

    1. Billy

      Working from home was made a permanent move and Iger revoked it.

      1. Jimmy

        Permanent? Really? By the employ maybe but not the employer. The employer writes the job description. The employee can take the job or quit and find something else.

    2. Benjamin

      Disney should now after being off the release calendar for 876, 710, and 420 days respectively, finally announce a plan with 5, 44, and 74 days notice set theatrical rereleases worldwide for SOUL, LUCA, and Turning Red to occur on March 8, April 11, and May 16, 2022 respectively, now the pandemic is over while also delaying Elemental to August 9 and The little Mermaid to June 21 to make room for the pixar backlog and make back the money that these movies lost all thanks to Bob Chapek. Normalcy and fixing Disney in its 100th year is not complete without them, so propose a plan Right now on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the 3rd year of the 3rd decade of the 3rd millennium.

    3. Benjamin

      It has been 876 days of disappointment for pixar fans looking forward to seeing soul in theaters and Chapek is to blame so please, Bob Iger, give Soul, Luca, and turning red 5-week-long theatrical runs at 2500 US theaters back-to-back while delaying The Little Mermaid to June 21 and Elemental to August 9 to spread out the new releases after the marvels got delayed to November and to make room for the pixar backlog so Elemental will not flop like Lightyear did last year and as an apology to pixar fans to make the $400 million that they lost all back in a course of 3 months. Use the vacated haunted mansion slots wisely for Soul rerelease on March 8, Luca on April 7, and Turning Red on May 16.

      1. Benjamin

        It has been 876 days of disappointment for pixar fans looking forward to seeing soul in theaters and Chapek is to blame so please, Bob Iger, give Soul, Luca, and turning red 5-week-long theatrical runs at 2500 US theaters back-to-back while delaying The Little Mermaid to June 21 and Elemental to August 9 to spread out the new releases after the marvels got delayed to November and to make room for the pixar backlog so Elemental will not flop like Lightyear did last year and as an apology to pixar fans to make the $400 million that they lost all back in a course of 3 months. Use the vacated haunted mansion slots wisely for Soul rerelease on March 8, Luca on April 7, and Turning Red on May 16. None of them were meant to be Disney+ originals and all were intended for the big screen. Now covid is over the time has come. Please start with award winning Soul on March 8 followed by Luca on April 12 and Turning Red on May 16 (move The Little Mermaid back to June 21 and Elemental back to July 14 to fill in for vacated slots).

  7. Morgan

    Disney could stand to lose a few woke crybabies who won’t follow orders.

    1. Need to work

      People need to get back to work at the place that hired you. Working from home is useless. Roll up your sleeves and perform the task you get paid for. Covid is not going to protect you any longer. You can always quit and live off your credit cards until that money runs out. I hope large companies learned there listen by letting employees sit at home and then get paid for it.

      1. Dr H

        Well, the research doesn’t back up your opinion that workers at home are sitting around. Productivity is similar, and in some cases the employer is gaining extra work from their worker due to lack of commute.

        1. Jimmy

          Actually a lot of research does back up that work at home does decrease productivity and creativity. Why should they get to dedicate their job description?

          1. Mac

            Well, the research doesn’t back up your opinion that workers at home are NOT sitting around. Productivity, it has been shown, is NOT the same, and I don’t know where you heard that employees are getting more work because they’re remote, but, while it might be an isolated incident, it’s NOT a trend.

          2. AJ

            No such “research”

        2. Jimmy

          Please cite the research that backs your statements.

        3. Mac

          Well, the research doesn’t back up your opinion that workers at home are NOT sitting around. Productivity, it has been shown, is NOT the same, and I don’t know where you heard that employees are getting more work because they’re remote, but, while it might be an isolated incident, it’s NOT a trend.

        4. Mike

          Nope. Lack of commute means saving money on gas and sleeping in 2 min before your start time. And that’s what this is allllllll about. The laziness and fun times of working from your bed and getting fatter is over.

  8. The Emperor

    You gotta earn your work from home.
    Good start would be if you don’t do Twitter or Tumblr and you’re actually making the company profit instead of arguing with people on social media how they’re racist if they don’t like garbage then these people can work from home

  9. Jimmy

    Disney should fire those that refuse to adhere to the job requirements. They can be the first of the 7000. It is one thing to consider employee concerns, another to let them make the rules and policy. Look what happened when Disney let employees dictate policy and challenge Florida. A big loss of Reedy Creek and self government. If these employees think they are smarter than the CEO (really just want the benefits without the responsibility) let them start their own business and see how that goes.

  10. James

    Fire those who refuse to return. Another thing Disney could do is remove remove all of Disneys current investors and Board members and donate the Entire company to Florida and let Florida show those employees whose boss.

    After all Florida wants to see Disney Be what Walt envisioned. Florida may be able to help fix problems that reside within the company.

  11. MakingLivesEfficient

    For some jobs and departments that are more people focused, yes I can see in office working being needed to succeed but for many others it’s just plain stupid. Im a software engineer at Disney and I can tell you right now there is zero benefit to moving to an office environment to do my job. Sorry if I don’t want to hear Nancy blabbering to joe in the cubicle next to me while im writing code, or mark wanting to water cooler talk forever. It’s easy for you all to sit here and say just go to the office but none of you experienced LA traffic and parking at the office lots. It’s a nightmare everyday, no one’s wants to sit in traffic for 3 hours then park a mile down the road because the parking lot is full. Anyone who tells you they don’t mind it is lying out their teeth to your face. Get a life as you clearly don’t value your own.

    1. Diane

      But if the pandemic never happened you would still be doing what you were before if it is so bad find another job more to your liking for commute and parking

    2. Dave

      You just made the argument that the quality of life is better under slightly more conservative elected officials in Florida than the socialists ones in Calif that are d party totalitarians. Haven’t you been offered a lake nola transfer .

    3. Mike

      Didn’t you go to the office before covid? And whos Nancy? Tell her to shut up or ray her out. Problem solved. But I guess you never work from home with the tv on? Music playing? Other people in the house? Those are even BIGGER distractions. Its called….entitlement and laziness. Its better to lay in bed or on the couch and pop open a laptop. Than to actually drive to work like an adult and do your job. Man..the laziness in america is real.

  12. A. Realist

    lol, all the blue collar mouth breathers in the comments are butthurt that people who prioritized their education can work from home, and want them to needlessly endure sub-optimal work conditions, just because you have to be on-site for construction and factory jobs.

    1. Drew

      You mean the people that build the infrastructure that allows you to sit at home in your pj’s and pretend you’re elite? Those people that build your cars, roads, transmission lines that you depend on. Maybe you’re talking about the people that produce the food you consume from the comfort of your couch. The people that were considered essential and went to their jobs everyday through the pandemic, are those the one’s you disparage? Maybe their parents weren’t rich and they couldn’t “prioritize” education over earning a living. Maybe they didn’t see the benefits in going deep into debt to spend four years partying and being indoctrinated into an ideology that this country is evil. These people that you mock are the ones that get up and put on their big boy pants everyday and make your existence possible. Didn’t your education teach you that?

    2. Bob

      Really? If not for those people that work with their hands you would not have a job to write code for. I agree to some extent that SOME jobs can be done at home but most people (not all but most) cannot discipline themselves enough to stick to the job. There are too many distractions in the home. If you don’t like LA then move.

  13. EffJB

    Groomers gonna groom.

    1. Bert

      Youth Pastors you mean….

  14. Phillysub

    A compromise would be allowing employees to work on a hybrid work schedule. An example could be 3 days in office, 2 days at home.

  15. Bob

    Simple, fire them!

  16. DCLDream

    Even in Florida traffic is horrible, since Covid you have all the people up north moving here to work remote from their up north companies making great money/- My past 35 minute commute had turned into and hour and a half the one day I had to go to the office in celebration to pick up work from home stuff. I am now saving money on gas at $4.00 a gallon, saving on food, and clothing as we had strict dress code even tho we were behind the scene and 3 hours a day of my life from the drive. I get much more done at home not listening to an being distracted by all the chit chat. So for those who have no and don’t do this on the daily here you go.
    They sent us back to the office and. Then said we don’t have space so go back home. Some departments yes need to be in office but not all so don’t feel the need to group everyone together.

  17. John B

    Time for woke Iger to leave Disney. Disney needs to get back to their roots. Iger destroyed Walt Disney’s legacy.

  18. Dave

    Delete them from the payroll easy as that.

  19. Mc

    They need to back to work. Working from home is no longer necessary. Be happy you have a job.

  20. Dabo

    This is ridiculous. The Disney workers are saying they’d rather not see people face to face? Then they don’t deserve to represent Disney.

  21. Elizabeth

    I too am a shareholder like another commenter, but it strikes me as EXTREMELY shortsighted to ignore the complaints of thousands of Disney employees.

    If workers are not treated well, customers and shareholders can’t expect to be treated well by Disney either.

    And these workers are not lazy as some suggest. Nor can Disney continue to operate and profit without properly paid staff.

    Given what they demand of their staff, Disney leadership should be compensating them generously, rather than squeezing their hard working employees while taking millions in bonuses for themselves.

    I’m ashamed of the hard heartedness of most of the comments I’ve read here.

  22. Lilybet

    It’s not just about working from home but allowing the flexibility to your employees to do what is the best for both them and the company.
    Majority of employees do not mind going into the office when it makes sense.

  23. Jeff

    Easiest choice ever made: terminate every single employee involved immediately.

    Hire better staff.


  24. Mg

    Bye bye… back to McDonald’s for these clowns.

    What a bunch of entitled losers.. “needlessly putting more cars on the road”


  25. Regular guy Disney fan

    So, imagine if everyone wanted to work from home, say like the individual who writes code all day, imagine that no one is there anymore to make new computers or game consoles, imagine you’re sitting at home with what is now your old broken technology, nobody making new ones, they’re at home and then…the electricity goes off cause there is no one there at the power plant, pretty soon you’re not working anymore, just sitting in the dark, all alone, unable to communicate with other human life forms…this is utopia? Oh I guess it’s okay for the peasants to work and get me my stuff. Bunch of whiners, imagine when it gets really bad?

  26. sigma

    My office opened up pretty early in the pandemic, but on a hybrid basis. I can’t speak for every industry, but a lot of the positive skills and habits we picked up during covid and the rapid improvement in teleconferencing software and services really make it pointless to be there on the days that we are there. ie even when meetings are held in the office and everyone is physically there, we end up in video calls anyway because it’s easier to share screens and collaborate that way and if need be, you can easily record a meeting. Commuting takes away productive time and yes office chatter is a real distraction. I do think there is value from a social and team building aspect which is why I think hybrid is probably the ideal method with 1-2 days in the office, but if we’re talking raw productivity, being physically in the office is not a value added thing. I plan my week knowing most of my actual productive work will be done the days I’m at home.

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