Disney World Guest Struggles to Register For DAS Pass, Demands Change

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Instead of a skip-the-line Pass, Walt Disney World Resort offers a uniquely beneficial program called Disability Access Service (DAS). A DAS Pass allows Guests whose disabilities prevent them from waiting in line to enroll once via DAS Advance or at Disney Parks Guest Relations, then use the My Disney Experience app to sign up for virtual waits for Disney attractions.

Despite modifications over the years, the DAS Pass isn’t without faults. Though DAS Advance saves Guests from spending pricey Disney Park time waiting in line, Disney Resort Guests report that enrolling can be a struggle. One frustrated parent recently took to Reddit to explain the struggles they’d experienced trying to sign their young son up for the Walt Disney World DAS program.

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“DAS pre-register wait times are…. ugh,” u/Jets237 wrote. “Waiting another day… – log in at 5 (son – DAS eligible – gets home at 6:15 from daycare) everyday and wait until 8:30 when I put my son down. H*ll I keep the chat up and everyday the same message.”

The automated message from Walt Disney World Resort reads: “Thank you for contacting DAS Pre-Registration. As we value your time, we are no longer taking chats this evening. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We look forward to assisting you when we reopen.”

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At this point, the parent considered taking a day off work and keeping her kids home from school to be online right when the registration chat opened. Other DAS users empathized and offered advice in comments.

“Try early morning on the weekend. It’s a very small team that handles this,” said u/fluffy_bunny22.

“I’ve regularly waited 5+ hours,” u/mallon04008 wrote. “It sucks.”

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