15 Years Later, ‘Hulk’ Star Rejoins the MCU

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Edward Norton and Liv Tyler in the Incredible Hulk.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has one Hulk star returning to the MCU from Phase One for Captain America: New World Order (2024). 

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk with Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers: Endgame
Credit: Marvel Studios

While Anthony Mackie might be the new Captain America, Marvel Studios uses the new movie to reintroduce several characters. Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader will return to the MCU with Thunderbolt Ross (now played by Harrison Ford) as Marvel’s new president. 

Other reports claim that the movie will also bring adamantium into the MCU and tie into Eternals (2021) as there will be disputes on what to do with the celestial’s remains. With the X-Men still far from being introduced, Captain America 4 will at least set up some key details since adamantium is the same metal that Wolverine has for his claws. 

Older Captain America talking to Sam Wilson about the Shield
Credit: Marvel Studios

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Liv Tyler will reprise her role as Betty Ross in Captain America 4. After not appearing in any MCU movie since 2008, it’s quite shocking the actress is back, and things will be very different this time. For Captain America 4, her father won’t be played by William Hurt, who tragically passed away, as Harrison Ford will take over the role. 

The MCU has already dealt with some recastings, which fans saw in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, as Tim Roth’s Abomination encountered Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk instead of Edward Norton. This led to some fun interaction between the two characters, leaving fans to expect similar jabs at Ford’s Ross being somewhat different in the movie.

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Captain America
Credit: Marvel Studios

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While Captain America 4 continues to get a lot of MCU stars from the past involved, the movie feels more like an unofficial Hulk sequel as several of the Phase One stars are returning from the Incredible Hulk (2008). Some fans are already waiting for Mark Ruffalo to get his own MCU movie, and Captain America 4 might be the last piece of the puzzle to confirm that Ruffalo’s Hulk will finally be starring in his own movie.

After 2008, Marvel Studios hasn’t made a Hulk movie because of the rights issue with Universal Studios. Still, reports from last year indicate that Universal’s hold over the right to the Hulk might be over, leaving the character to get his own movie finally.

Betty Ross with Bruce Banner in the rain
Credit: Marvel Studios / Universal Pictures

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Anthony Mackie already earned his right to be Captain America after going on the journey to be Cap in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, leaving this upcoming movie to allow the hero to shine as a new symbol for America. Still, with all of the Hulk stars returning, Mackie’s time in the spotlight might be lost, as it’s hard to be in the spotlight when there are so many actors returning to their roles a decade later.

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