Disney Park Stays Open, Welcomes Guests Despite Dangerous Storm

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Following record cold temperatures and rainstorms at Disneyland Park, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure this year, the Southern California Disney Park has been hit with more unusual weather.

During a heavy downpour on Saturday, Guests were suddenly pelted with what KTLA described as hail or graupel. Dozens of Guests ducked for cover in a video shared with the news station.

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Reddit user u/ocddco27 also shared their experience with the storm and a photo. “At this point hail had started to pelt those of us at the park today,” the Guest wrote. “It got so bad I couldn’t see through it for like a minute.”


at this point hail had started to pelt those of us at the park today… it got so bad I couldn’t see through it for like a minute
by u/ocddco27 in Disneyland

Other Disneyland Resort Guests recounted their experiences in the comments. “The hail was crazy. One second dry and the next full on hail for like 10 minutes straight,” said u/Indie-Joe.

“Was there when it hailed. Came out of Haunted Mansion to heavy rain,” u/tssmastering recalled. “Walk over to the Churro stand and we got hit hard with hail. Luckily we were prepared with umbrellas and rain coats. Best Disneyland day ever.”

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But according to KTLA, no Guests were injured by the falling hail/graupel. It was an exciting day for many Disney Parks locals, who rarely see the weather in mild California.

Not only was the rare hail a sight to see, but Guests who toughed it out were also treated with lower-than-average wait times and wide open pathways. “I thought it was relatively uncrowded,” u/extratartarsauceplz said.

Have you ever visited Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort during inclement weather? Share your experience with Inside the Magic in the comments. 

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