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For the most part, Disney has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the name of inclusivity. From handicap accessible ride vehicles to scheduled showings of Broadway shows for special needs audiences, Disney is trying to do their best to make sure the magic is readily available for everyone. But while that might be said of the company, some of its employees aren’t living up to the same standard.

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Normally, the Disney Parks have made themselves quite accessible to Guests with disabilities, medical conditions, or special needs. The Parks’ website even has a fully outlined set of guides for all visitors to use and utilize, but sometimes that’s not enough. Guests R/WaltDisneyWorld is a public Reddit forum where Disney Park Guests and fans of the place where dreams come true can share their trip tips, photos, and reports of their latest visits. While there is certainly no shortage of positive reports and pleasant pictures of Park activity, a recent trip report is bound to leave a bad taste in readers’ mouths.

Disney’s Cast Members are normally known for their dedication to Guests’ enjoyment, satisfaction, and safety. This specially-trained team of staff and performers are the ones that truly make the magic for all of our trips in and out of the parks. However, a recent interaction shared by u/liverfailure reports an account of a rude member at Disney’s monorail security.

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In their post titled “Next time you might want to leave /that at home.”, the user writes,

“This is what security for the monorail suggested my wife do with her insulin at the Contemporary. I didn’t even realize Juvenile Diabetes was a choice. Is she just supposed to die in his opinion? Or is she just supposed to feel guilty for having diabetes?”

Obviously, any diabetic would be incredibly shocked and offended if they were met with the same response. Ignoring a Guests’ obvious condition certainly won’t win a Cast Member many fans any time soon. However, this feels incredibly uncharacteristic for a Disney Cast Member. Even u/Nostradamusknows plays devil’s advocate and responds in the comments with,

“I’m going assume this is a lack of training. You can take your insulin to the first aid station and they will keep it refrigerated for you.”

Whether this was ignorance or not is irrelevant, as this clearly wasn’t the right thing to say. Cast Members are constantly reminded how much they are representing the Walt Disney Company, and this interaction is definitely going to be met with repercussions if the Guest in question reported it. Either way, this is definitely one way to stop fans from coming back.

How would you have reacted, is this wrong or just a mistake? Tell us in the comments below!

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