Disney Park Continues to Improve Accommodations for Guests With Disabilities

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Tomorrow, December 3, is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. And for more than 30 years, Disneyland Paris has striven to make sure that the Park is a welcoming space for everyone, including Guests and Cast Members, with a special emphasis on accessibility and safety for those with disabilities.

Since 2004, Disneyland Paris has received the label “Tourisme et Handicap” for its endeavors in highlighting safety and accessibility in four disability areas, including visual, hearing, mental, and motor.

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Disneyland Paris shared its outlook on disabilities and accessibility in a recent press release:

Our approach to accessibility is intended to empower those with disabilities – including our guests, Cast Members and association organizations. Disneyland Paris continues its commitment to accessibility with a collection of offerings and services that are continually refined to create an accessible environment.

But, Disneyland Paris’ efforts don’t just stop at words. The Resort is constantly finding and developing more opportunities to improve accessibility offerings to disabled Guests, such as in attractions, shows, or even at the Parks or hotels in general.

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Some of the ways Disneyland Paris has been improving these accessibility methods is through creating new accessibility guides and maps, bringing French Sign Language or chansigne interpretation into its shows, and training Cast Members.

Additionally, the Resort has shown commitment to having a more inclusive workplace, highlighting equal opportunity employment and hiring more Cast Members with disabilities across the Parks. The Resort also participated in the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities for the 12th year in a row.

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Throughout that week especially, the Resort showcased Cast Members with disabilities and their teams, raising awareness, and showing disabled people during DuoDay in Europe which jobs at the Resort they could potentially have.

For more than 30 years, Disneyland Paris has continuously developed and put new services into practice. For example, this year, it introduced AudioSpot, which is an audio description service that enables Guests who are blind or visually impaired to be able to still experience Disney storytelling in an engaging way.

Virtuoz Disneyland Paris
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Another inclusive service that Disneyland Paris has rolled out is Virtuoz, which is a service for blind and visually impaired Guests to have autonomous orientation and mobility. This is due to the box, which is interactive, containing helpful 3D maps and audio.

Disneyland Paris also shared more about what diversity and inclusion mean to the Resort:

Diversity and inclusion are much more than key values at Disneyland Paris – they are the resort’s greatest strengths and at the heart of everything done to elevate the experience of guests and Cast Members. The resort’s relationship with associations and educational organizations is also a core focus, as an essential part of an ongoing commitment to reach even more people with disabilities.  

What do you think about this commitment to Guests and Cast Members with disabilities? Have you seen this played out at any of the Disney Parks? Share your experience below!

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