Disney Might Be Preparing For a Big Comeback

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Max in his Powerline costume

Credit: Screenshots via @disneyparks on TikTok

A lot has been said about the characters at Walt Disney World in the past couple of weeks, but a massive change at Hollywood studios could be the sign of a breakthrough. Although the Park has always had a handful of Meet and Greets, two recent special opportunities could be prepping fans for a major change coming to Walt Disney World, and it’s one that will make fans flip their collective lids.

Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear at Toy Story Land
Credit: Disney

Character Meet and Greets are an essential part of any Disney experience. While they’ve absolutely flooded the Parks in California, Disneyland’s Floridian cousin seems to be just scraping by with the bare necessities. There’s nothing wrong with rubbing elbows with Mickey, mini, and all their friends, but it feels like Disney has only been using a fraction of their character entourage lately. That being said, a recent development could change the tides.

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Only a couple of weeks ago, both Goofy and Max were seen in their ’90s attire across the street from Muppet Vision 3-D, with Goofy in his vacation gear and Max sporting his neon Powerline getup. Now it seems that Chip and Dale are getting in on the action as well, by stepping out in their full Rescue Rangers regalia.

Max Dressed as Powerline
Credit ITM Zach Gass

While this is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for fans visiting Walt Disney World this week, it could also mean that Disney is listening to its fanbase and bringing back some familiar faces. More importantly, we might be looking at a second Disney Renaissance of sorts.

Rescue Rangers Meet and Greet
Credit: EveryCharacter.com

To say things are changing at Disney would be the understatement of the decade, as the Parks are still adjusting to a post-pandemic and post-Chapek world. However, it would appear that attempts are being made to get back to basics. Although many would agree that Disney fans can often be blinded by nostalgia, there’s a certain element of truth in saying that the ’90s were the company’s best era. If Disney is truly looking to bring back some fans, it might not hurt to make them remember what they loved about the brand in the first place.

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Chip and Dale aren’t the only Disney Afternoon fixtures that have appeared recently, as Fat Cat and Monterey Jack recently made appearance at the Parks’ previous 5K race. The two chipmunks alone might have been overlooked, but paired with the other characters AND Goofy appearing with Max? Things are really starting to gain momentum. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad make a return after their long absence from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Do you think Disney is preparing for a major throwback, or is this all just coincidence? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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