Boy Hospitalized After Being Hung From Neck on Theme Park Attraction

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Thrillz High Flying Adventure Park Theme Park

Credit: Thrillz Theme Park

No matter what theme park or amusement park you visit, the entire idea is to enjoy an environment that is different from the outside world.

From the time you set foot in a Disney Park– like Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort or Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort— you’re completely immersed in the magic. Many other theme parks around the world also offer much of the same, including Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, Six Flags, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Cedar Point.

Gemini at Cedar Point
Credit: Cedar Point

Of course, even more important than escaping the realities of the outside world is remaining safe during a visit. Theme Parks pride themselves on keeping guests safe, and plenty of restrictions and regulations are in place to ensure that both Guests and Team Members are safe during their visits. However, that doesn’t mean that theme park accidents can’t occur.

Inside the Magic has covered several accidents to occur at theme parks, just in the last year. The most prominent of these happened at ICON Park in Orlando last spring. 14-year-old Tyre Sampson boarded the Orlando FreeFall and was tragically released from his seat. His family later filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen defendants. In addition, protests and petitions to have the attraction demolished ultimately worked, as ICON Park and Slingshot Group (the operator of the attraction) announced that the attraction would never reopen.

Credit: ICON Park

Just recently, a scary incident occurred at Thrillz High Flying Adventure Park in Pennsylvania that led to an eight-year-old boy being hospitalized.

The boy was reportedly enjoying the rope climbing attraction when he became tangled.

“After our investigation and reviewing camera footage of today’s incident, we can say that the boy was seen climbing headfirst down a rope ladder and became tangled,” owner Lisa Cannon told NBC 10.

The rope was cut by employees and the child was down in 10 seconds, the owner said.

Thrillz High Flying Adventure Park Theme Park
Credit: Thrillz Theme Park

The boy was unconscious, and two off-duty police officers came to his aid and performed CPR. He was able to speak with first responders and was taken to the hospital.

Reports indicate that the boy appeared to be okay following the accident, and while the amusement park remained open for the rest of the day, it did close the rope attraction and will not reopen it until more safety enhancements have been introduced.

Inside the Magic will keep you updated on this incident as more information is shared.

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