Beloved Children’s Cartoon Won’t be Found in Disney Parks Any Time Soon

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Bluey at the Disney Parks

A certain cartoon dog has wormed their way into the hearts of children and parents everywhere, and no, it’s not Pluto or Goofy.

Australian children’s cartoon Bluey has skyrocketed to fame and popularity thanks in part to its messages aimed at parents and adults as well as children. Originally airing overseas on ABC Kids, the show is about a Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family and friends as she plays and discovers the world around her. The show has tackled difficult topics like struggling to have children and paints a constructive and positive image of a family dynamic, with both parents active and caring figures in their children’s lives.

Credit: Screenshot via BlueyTV

In 2019, the Walt Disney Company received international broadcasting rights, running the show on Disney Junior and streaming it on Disney+. Fan reception has been exceptionally positive, with Bluey currently one of the most popular children’s characters. The show has consistently received high viewership ratings and has even spawned a stage show. Bluey has received two Logie Awards and an International Emmy Kids Award. With the amount of popularity the show and its characters have received, it has left many fans taking to Twitter and Reddit wondering when or if the beloved character will make an appearance in the Disney Parks.

Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Bluey TV

One Twitter user, @Starport97, asks,

“So yeah, when are we getting Bluey representation at the Disney Parks?”

Another user, @ilasikorski_, pleads in a post,

i am begging the disney parks to give us bluey character sightings (the whole heeler family + friends plz)”

In truth, Disney does not own Bluey or its characters, it just has the distributing rights. The merchandising rights belong to the BBC, meaning Disney Guests won’t be seeing her in the Parks anywhere, as merchandise or as a meet-and-greet character.

Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Screenshot via BlueyTV

This may change over time as Disney gains rights to more and more studios and franchises, and the BBC may eventually sign over rights, but for now, Guests will have to find Bluey merchandise and products elsewhere.

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