Another Disneyland Mistake Goes Unnoticed

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Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland with a yellow "Oops!" sign in front of it.

Credit: Disney

Something strange seems to be happening at Disney Parks’ quality control, and it’s affecting Disney signs.

With such an intense emphasis on theming and immersion at Disney Parks, you would expect things like decorations, signage, and other small details to be treated with as much care as an E-ticket attraction. Most of the time, you would be right. Disney Imagineering is known for putting hours of work into the tiniest details to make it feel like you’ve stepped out of the real world and into an entirely new one. Usually, no stone is left unturned, and mistakes are rare, and that’s what places like Disneyland do better than anyone else.

disneyland main street usa at night
Credit: Disney

However, lately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Super Bowl LVII celebrations at Disneyland added another entry to a trend of strange sign misspellings on the West Coast.

Disneyland invited Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahone to participate in Disney’s annual Super Bowl parade on February 13. Fans flocked to Main Street, U.S.A., to join in on the celebration and watch the special cavalcade. However, that’s when Instagram user @justmousinaround noticed this interesting sign and posted it to their Instagram story.

A screenshot depicting a Disneyland sign with the spelling mistake "Main Stret U.S.A."
Credit: Screenshot from @justmousinaround

The sign advertises a cavalcade down “Main Stret U.S.A” instead of “Main Street, U.S.A.” While the sign was probably made very recently, it’s still strange to see such a significant spelling error seemingly go unnoticed before going in front of guests.

Also, recently in Disneyland, there were several spelling mistakes on signs outside the closed-for-refurbishment Indiana Jones Adventure, with common words like “sight,” “archeology,” and “permission” misspelled. When the decorations for the 100th Anniversary celebration went up, fans were quick to point out a Walt Disney misquote on a park icon. Meanwhile, over at the brand-new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the sign advertising how to queue for the attraction incorrectly pointed guests towards the “Lightening Lane” instead of the “Lightning Lane.”

Nobody seems to know why these sign errors keep happening at Disneyland, but we’re wondering what could possibly be going on over at quality control.

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