Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Could Miss a Huge Opportunity

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Doctor Facilier and his Friends on the Other Side

Credit: Disney

With splash Mountain finally closed, many guests are eagerly awaiting the debut of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Social media has certainly been buzzing with updates and predictions for the new attraction, but a recent tweet might have just revealed a particular problem with the current concept. It’s been recently confirmed that Disney will naturally be using much of the soundtrack from the film in the ride’s atmosphere, but guests are craving one track in particular that has gone unseen.

An official poster announcing Tiana's Bayou Adventure, opening late 2024.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Whether they’ve seen Princess and the Frog or not, Disney fans should be incredibly familiar with the works of Randy Newman, considering he has utilized his songwriting skills for other Disney movies such as Toy Story, James and the Giant Peach, and several others in and out of the Disney company.  Although his gospel-inspired tune, “Dig a Little Deeper” has recently been confirmed, some fans have pointed out a majorly missed opportunity by not including the song “Friends on the Other Side.”

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A common consensus among Disney fans is that the villain’s song, sung by Keith David as Doctor Facilier, is the most popular feature on the soundtrack. In both its composition and its visuals, it truly is one of the most colorful antagonist numbers in recent years. In fact, many would argue that it was the last great Disney villain song (unless you count “Shiny” from Moana). While it’s addition is highly expected and demanded, there has been no sign of its inclusion or even Keith David’s return as the Shadow Man. Does this mean the song is out of the picture? Disney fans are still gunning for it.

As seen in this tweet from @DSNYNewscast, fans are already cautioning Disney not to exclude it from the experience. The chorus of “are you ready?” from Facilier’s voodoo minions is certainly a great way to pump up the Guests for the final splash and grand finale ready for them at the bottom. If anything, “dig a little deeper” is far more appropriate for a triumphant ending rather than a climactic drop.

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At this time, not much is currently known about the attraction apart from early developmental stages in construction. Be that as it may, fans might even make a deal with the Shadow Man for an encounter with his friends on the other side.

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