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EPCOT has something of a high-brow reputation when compared to the other Parks. The Park is home to some of the most innovative and imaginative experiences out of all four of Walt Disney World core properties, including Test Track, the Imagination Institute, and the unforgettable World Showcase. However, they’re also perhaps home to the most engaging and stimulating special events.

epcot international festival of the arts
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From the Flower and Garden Show to the International Food and Wine Festival, EPCOT has played host to a number of different educational and entertaining displays throughout the year. Of course, the Festival of the Arts is no exception to the rule as a vast cornucopia of food, culture, and entertainment all create a pallet of enchanting and enriching experiences.

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While plenty of displays pay tribute to the visual arts of painting and animation, Disney has also included a full marquee of live entertainment opportunities for Guests to enjoy. EPCOT plays stage to a wide variety of artists, acrobats, musicians and more as visitors weave their way through this year’s festival.

Epcot International Festival of the Arts
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If music be the food of love, Guests will be absolutely enamored by the lineup of musical talent EPCOT is playing host to this year. Along with their regular bands, singers, and musicians, Guests can also attend performances by guitarist Nicholas Marks and harpist Victor Espinola. While they are sure to offer some fine stringed serenades, the real musical attraction has to be EPCOT’s Disney on Broadway concert series, featuring appearances from the stars of Disney’s Aladdin, The Lion King, and even Wicked. Needless to say, the Park’s soundtrack will be incredibly magical.

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Of course, concerts aren’t the only source of EPCOT entertainment. Disney has also pulled together a talented group of acrobats and contortionists for Art Defying Gravity, a dazzling array of physical feats sure to have a sizable audience. While not the Park’s only troupe of performers, they are specially billed to promote the colorful message of the special event.

EPCOT International Festival of the Arts Performing Arts
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The performers aren’t the only ones getting in on the act, as this year’s festival also invites the Guests to participate as well. Live art demonstrations and opportunities for visitors to learn from a large list of decorated Disney animators and artists will be readily available throughout the event. Whether they’re looking to take home a piece of art, learn how its made, or simply watch it being created by masterful hands, Disney fans have more than a few chances to experience the artistic process.

From musicians to acrobats to artists of the brush and Broadway stage, Disney has truly sculpted quite the lineup for this year’s Festival of the Arts. Both new and returning Guests to this seasonal event at EPCOT are certainly in for a treat for all the senses. The only question is which one to do first.

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