Zero from “Holes” Just Gave Everyone the Authentic Sploosh Recipe

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Stanley and Zero

Credit: Disney

Everyone remembers Zero (Madame Zeroni’s descendant) from the movie Holes (2003). The film stars Shia LaBeouf, Khleo Thomas, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, and Tim Blake Nelson.

The story follows Stanley Yelnats IV, a teenage boy who is falsely accused of stealing a pair of shoes and is sent to a juvenile detention center called Camp Green Lake.

Mr. Sir
Credit: Disney

While at the camp, the boys are tasked with digging holes in the desert in order to “build character.” Stanley soon realizes that The Warden is searching for something hidden under the ground, and he and his new friends set out to uncover the truth.

As they dig deeper into the mystery of Camp Green Lake, they learn about the history of the area and the people who lived there, including a legendary outlaw named Kissin’ Kate Barlow.

Stanley and Zero
Credit: Disney

At one point, Zero runs away into the desert and is presumed dead. That is until Stanley goes looking for him. Turns out he’s still alive.

All thanks to something he found in a jar called ‘Sploosh.’

Zero came across Sam’s boat, the Mary Lou, and inside were jars of Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s fermented, spiced peaches. Being sloshy and mushy, he named it ‘Sploosh.’

Well, over the weekend, the actor that played Zero (Khleo Thomas) took to TikTok. Donning a green Power Rangers jacket, to reveal the secret recipe.

Khleo writes: Man of my word! Here is the Sploosh recipe.


Man of my word! Here is the sploosh recipe. #holestiktok #thatstoodamnbad #hectorzeroni #stanleyyelnats #disney #recipes #recipesoftiktok #foodtiktok #foodie @khleothomas @khleothomas

♬ original sound – Khleo Thomas

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own authentic ‘Sploosh.’

  • Peaches- lots and lots of canned peaches
  • Brown Sugar
  • Diced Pears out of a fruit cocktail can
  • Mason Jar (for full effect)
  • Yellow Spotted Lizard NOT necessary
Credit: Disney

Throw some peaches into a blender, top it off with some diced pears and blend. Then, add some brown sugar and blend again. And that’s it!

Try making some at home and let us know how it turns out.

Who’s your favorite character from Holes? Let us know in the comments.

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