Nickelback Is Making a Comeback Thanks to Ryan Reynolds

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What better way to celebrate Christmas than with Nickelback?!

Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy, Deadpool) seems to think that is the best way to go.

ryan reynolds in free guy
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer recently starred in the newest rendition of Charles Dicken’s classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Their new movie ‘Spirited‘ debuted on Apple TV+ earlier this fall.

‘Spirited’ offers quite a few original songs, and it looks like one of them is getting remixed in a major way.

Ferrell and Reynolds christmas scene
Credit: AppleTV+

Ryan Reynolds, who stars in the film, recently debuted a new official version of the song “Unredeemable.” The twist is that it is performed by one of the most polarizing — and in the eyes of some, maybe “unredeemable” bands in recent years — Nickelback.

Nickelback is a Canadian Rock Band that was formed in 1995 in Alberta, Canada. So, it only made sense that Reynolds would use a native band to perform a song from his movie.

Ryan took to Twitter to share his excitement of this news.

Reynolds wrote: Will, Octavia Spencer, and I are so grateful for the love everyone’s shown Spirited. So we asked Nickelback to sing Unredeemable. Just seemed like the right thing to do. 

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Spirited is a musical version of the classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Ryan Reynolds plays Clint Briggs while Will Ferrell plays Christmas Present.

However, in this tale, there’s a twist. Reynolds Scrooge-like character turns the tables on Present and makes him reexamine his own past, present, and future.

Credit: Nickelback

Nickelback isn’t the first time Reynolds has collaborated with other celebrities in very unique ways.

Back in 2020, he was able to bring the beloved Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters, Spaceballs) out of retirement just to talk about his new business Mint Mobile.

Today Mint Mobile is launching unlimited for just $30 AND bringing back Rick Moranis. Suck it, 2020.

In 2019, he also worked with Monica Ruiz (a.k.a- The Peloton Girl) on a spot for his Aviation Gin.

Reynolds has always had a very creative way to bring things back into the light one way or another.

What is your favorite Ryan Reynolds collaboration? Let us know in the comments. 

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