Guest Tackled During Disney Parade Arrested, Admits Disturbing Motive

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Cast Members tackling a Guest in Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: @shun24653265 via Twitter (Screenshot ITM)

This Disney Parade did not happen as planned — and it was for a rather strange reason.

Disneyland Paris Daisy Duck at Dream and Shine Brighter Show
Credit: Disney

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Recently, we reported on an incident when a “suspicious individual” ran himself into a Disneyland Parade, interrupting the performers and causing them to scatter, before being quickly tackled to the ground by Cast Members. Now, more information has surfaced on the individual’s motive for crashing the parade — and it’s been revealed that it was for a rather odd reason.

Tokyo Disney Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Tokyo Disney

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The Walt Disney Company has been at the forefront of theme park entertainment for decades — with the near-perfection of the Disney formula imbibing its international Parks with a extremely honed Guest experience, cutting edge technology (see: the upcoming augmented reality additions to Haunted Mansion), full-sensory immersion, and fun rides and attractions for the whole family. At least, most of the time. However, not all Guest experiences are as smooth — especially if you are the one causing a ruckus in the Disney Parks themselves.

(l-r) donald duck, mickey mouse, pluto, minnie mouse, and goofy with tokyo disneyland castle
Credit: Disney

Following the incident on December 13, Yahoo News Japan reported that the 51 year-old man who crashed the Tokyo Disneyland Parade has now been arrested by Japanese authorities, the Urayasu Police for “obstruction of business”. Tokyo Disneyland Park sits within the Tokyo Disney Resort at Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture (not Tokyo proper), right next to the JR Maihama Station. The individual is currently being detained at the Urayasu Police Station, and undergoing a process of interrogation. The Chiba District Court also decided to detain him, after the perpetrator was sent to the public prosecutor’s office under the same charges. The same source revealed that the man “partially denied the charges” — and admitted that he did this all to “attract… female dancers”:

In response to the investigation, the man partially denied the charges, saying, “There is no doubt that I stopped the parade, but I didn’t mean to cause trouble.” During the subsequent interrogation, he is said to have said that his motive was “to attract the attention of female dancers.” Meanwhile, as the perpetrator is making an illogical statement, the Urayasu Police Station is carefully investigating and making the perpetrator’s criminal liability known.

Dreaming up parade Tokyo disney
Credit: Disney

Now, several Disney fans and others who witnessed the Parade are harboring some suspicions as to whether the “female dancers” were even the true reason for the individual’s intrusion into the Holiday Parade.

An onlooking Guest recalled the incident, and said he had been acting unruly for about 10 minutes:

By the time I noticed it, the staff was already holding the man (perpetrator) down. He was acting violently for about 10 minutes. The man was putting up some resistance and it seemed rather difficult to settle him down.

Mickey & Minnie in Disney Christmas Stories parade
Credit: Disney

Disney fans have taken to social media to point out several inaccuracies with the man’s statement — including the fact that there were no “female dancers” during that section of the Disney Christmas Stories Parade. @yujinkodisney writes:

(translated) Where there even any female dancers?


While @nochi_Dlove implies that the man imagined those dancers himself — or at least only he could see them:

(translated) There’s dancers that only he can see…

And @pei_jun0106 brings up the fact that it could have in fact been Daisy Duck that the man was in fact referring to, due to his specific (and odd) choice of words:

(translated) Almost certainly he was trying to attack Daisy Duck nearby… He didn’t say “woman”…
But “the female/feminine one” there… Hmmm…
Oops, if I talk any more, I’ll be sent home.

きっと近くにいるデイジーダックに特攻しようとしただけですよ…「女の人」とは言ってないですから… 女性の人間なんて、あそこには…うーん… おっと、これ以上話すと家にセk…

This individual is referring to the fact that videos of the Disney Christmas Stories Parade show Daisy Duck atop the nearby float as the only “female” presence during that section of the parade. To add to that, @MARO0216 says:

There weren’t any female dancers (men, let alone women) right then, but…I wonder if you can see what can’t be seen, or if you’re lying.


Despite The Walt Disney Company’s theme parks being global icons of safety, sometimes incidents happen. Whatever the man’s true intentions were, the timely reaction of the Cast Members present during that parade resulted in this one being halted in its tracks before it had the chance to escalate, which prevented potential further criminal action, or  even violence.

What do you think about this incident that happened inside a Disney Park? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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