‘Zootopia+’: What We Know From the New Trailer

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The new trailer for Zootopia+ just dropped a mere two days before the series premiers and viewers are already promised a lot from these six new stories from Disney. In only two minutes, the series is already shaping up to be an eccentrically arranged anthology of life in the six districts.

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Despite living in the shadow of films like Frozen, Zootopia has had a rather vocal fan following for the past few years. Honestly, it was only a matter of time before Disney heard the outcry and brought fans more from the city of beloved animal characters. While a sequel (possibly two) might be in the works, viewers will get their appetites sated with this collection of six episodes featuring the city’s famous furry residents. Although fans will have to wait just a little bit longer, it’s safe to say that the upcoming series seems to put them in the best of hands.

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While Nick and Judy appear to be off-duty, the upcoming series will focus on the exploits of other Zootopia characters and their adventures throughout the various districts and habitats. From the origin story of Mr. Big to the musical fantasies of Duke Weasleton, Zootopia+ already looks like it will be one of the most delightful animated projects on the service this year. With only a short glimpse into the streets of Zootopia, some fans might still be wondering just what exactly they can expect from the upcoming series.

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The trailer shows a regular melange of mammalian exploits in these six episodes, ranging from a parody of The Real Houswives/Jersey Shore with Fru Fru and her wedding party to a cartoony chase scene featuring Stu and Bonnie Hopps to a dance competition where Clawhauser will finally meet his beloved Gazelle, variety is indeed the spice of life for this colorful cast of critters. The glimpse of Flash and Priscilla slowly trudging into the restaurant for their date night is all the information we need to get the joke of that episode. For only a few snippets of each episode, Disney has definitely given fans a splendid sampling of what they can expect to see.

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