New Disney Report Reveals Possible Expansion at Disneyland

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Bob Iger

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The Walt Disney Company officially released its 2022 Fiscal Year Annual Report yesterday. We break down some of the highlights from the report and what we learned from the filing.

Bob Iger

What a few weeks it’s been for The Walt Disney Company.  From the drama in the c-suite shakeup to disappointing earnings results, this has been quite the drama for the entertainment drama. Just yesterday, Disney released their annual report.

One glaring fact in the filing from Tuesday is that Disney said it anticipates Iger will initiate “organizational and operating changes,” noting that while the plans were in the early stages, they could include structural changes to Disney’s media and entertainment distribution segment.  This will most likely result in impairment charges.

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Here are some other factoids we also discovered:

  • In 2021, Disney had about 190,000 employees. A year later, that number has increased to 220,000.
  • According to the Annual Report, Disney owns three more acres in Anaheim than last year. This could mean a potential expansion of the Disneyland Resort in the next decade.
  • The annual report highlighted the recently purchased Disney Cruise Line ship: “In November 2022, the Company purchased a partially completed ship for an amount that is not material. Disney Cruise Line will incur the cost to complete construction with total costs anticipated to be less than our current fleet.”
  • Disney plans to deliver the Disney Treasure cruise ship during the 2025 fiscal year.
  • Disney’s second island destination will be located on Eleuthera (550 acres) at Lighthouse Point.
  • In this year’s Annual Report, Disney Studios expects to release 50 movies and series. Last year, they released only 40 titles.
  • Disney plans on increasing its capital expenditure projects by 37% in fiscal 2023 compared to fiscal 2022.

This certainly gives us more color on what Disney’s future looks like.

What factoid do you find most exciting?

in Disney, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Parks

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